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Former top aide to President George W. Bush, Brad Blakeman said Mitt Romney must stay on the offensive to defeat Obama. Blakeman is a professor of Public Policy, Politics and International Affairs at Georgetown University, and is a regular guest on FOX News and the other networks. Jason Recher of SarahPAC credited Blakeman to giving him his start in politics. “I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for Brad Blakeman!,” Recher once told Curzon. On air, Curzon said that Blakeman is Recher’s friend. She met Blakeman on her flight to Tampa for the RNC Convention where she was located in Radio Row as part of the convention’s Talk Radio News Service. Blakeman said he loved the convention and was excited by the new leadership in the Republican Party.

Obama’s Fundamental Collapse in Foreign Policy

Curzon asked Blakeman “what is going on with Obama and his administration?” in reference to the murder of four Americans, including our Abamassador, and violent Islamic protests that began on September 11. “Well, we’ve seen that the policy of appeasement and apology doesn’t work and it never has in history, and we have a President who disrespected our friend, Israel and put his chips down on radical Islam and thought he could tame them,” he said. “They’re un-tameable, because they believe America should be destroyed,” Blakeman continued. He regarded Obama’s handling of the violence as a “fundamental collapse in foreign policy.”

Obama’s Lies, Cover-Ups and Corruption

When Curzon recorded the interview, the administration claimed that a 14-minute anti-Islamic video on YouTube sparked the attacks and protests. She asked if the administration had changed position, which it subsequently did. Gov. Palin on September 20 delineated the administration’s lies and missteps during a Hannity interview. As we now know, the violence was pre-planned with warnings delivered three days ahead. Blakeman said the Obama administration is using the movie to cover up its poor planning and preparation for the attacks it knew were coming.

Curzon questioned why the Ambassador had so little security. Blakeman said this is an easy “connect the dots” which leads straight to Obama who skips at more than half of his intelligence briefings (and other types of briefings as well). President Bush in contrast never missed a single intelligence briefing, which were done six days a week at 7 AM. Obama “refuses to even be briefed!” Blakeman said. “The fact that he is that negligent – gross negligence – for a President of the United States not to want security briefings and basically say, ‘they’re not important enough in my day to protect Americans’ is an outrage.”

Curzon asked Blakeman if thinks there is a cover-up going on. “Sure! This is the modus operandi of this administration,” he said. He cited both the Arab meltdown and Fast and Furious as two examples of how Obama runs a clandestine administration as opposed to the open transparent administration he promised during his campaign. “Nothing this President does is transparent. It’s all calculated and there’s no blame,” Blakeman said. “This President refuses to man up and take responsibility for his actions or the actions that others take on his behalf.”

Obama’s Failure by Appeasement and Distorted Priorities

Curzon noted that one of Obama’s campaign promises was to improve relationships with the Arab world. Blakeman said, “the Arab world has imploded under his watch, but again our enemies exploit weakness. They see this President as being weak and exploit his weakness to the detriment of our country. When they see us not stand with Israel, that’s an invitation to them to make trouble.” He said our enemies trouble-making will continue “until we get a new leader who is Reaganesque – who speaks softly and carries a big stick as opposed to Obama who speaks softly and gets hit with big sticks.”

Curzon said, “Obama won’t meet with the Prime Minister of Israel, but he is going to meet with the president of Egypt who is also the president of the Muslim Brotherhood (the Brotherhood is the precursor to today’s al Quaeda and has a long history dating back to World War II when they fought alongside the Nazis).” She asked Blakeman what he thought that says about his foreign policy.”

“Jews around America better wake up,” Blakeman said. “The fact is, the knee-jerk reaction to voting Democratic better end, because you have a President of the United States who couldn’t care less about Israel and puts more faith and trust in people who seek to do us harm than our most reliable friend in the Middle East, if not the world – the state of Israel.” He continued, “the state of Israel is the keeper of Western religion: the Stations of the Cross, Bethlehem, Nazareth – all the places that are holy to Christians and to Jews are guarded by the state of Israel. There is nothing more that radical Islam would like than to wipe out Western religion as we know it, and that means it’s a two-fer. Not only do you wipe out the state of Israel, but you wipe out Western religion.”

On Afghanistan and Gen. Petraeus

Curzon asked how the reports of Afghan soldiers turning on our soldiers will affect us there and our exit strategy. Blakeman said the Afghans are playing both sides to the middle, are corrupt and cannot be trusted. He said “American soldiers are not going to stand up for people who don’t appreciate us being there.” He said he’d like to see General Petraeus become Secretary of State in a Romney administration. “We need a tough military leader who is less on diplomacy and more on action. I think Gen. Petraeus as Secretary of State would be just what the doctor ordered for these thugs who have taken advantage of us under the leadership – or lack of leadership – of Hillary Clinton.” Curzon asked Blakeman if thought Gen. Petraeus would take the job. He thinks so and said “now is the time.”

If you Love the Country…you Cannot Let Obama Get Reelected

Curzon asked Blakeman what he thinks would happen if Obama is reelected. He said with Obama as a lame duck and with direction he has already said he wants to take the country in, “it will be irreversible.” He said, “another four years of Obama would be a disaster, not only for our country domestically, but internationally. It’s just unthinkable. I tell everybody, ‘if you love this country, the most important date in your calendar is November 6, and we cannot let Obama get reelected.”

To Win, Romney Must Play Offense

On what Romney needs to do to secure a win, Blakeman said,

“He’s got to come out four square and on offense. Forget this defensive posture. He should be speaking at the Detroit Economic Club. He should be making serious policy statements in Iowa at the Des Moines Chamber of Commerce, and at the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce. He should be in New York for the UN General Assembly meeting with world leaders and not cede the General Assembly time where world leaders meet to President Obama who will be speaking before the UN. I believe Romney should be in New York giving a thoughtful speech on foreign policy in a venue that’s appropriate, and also he should be seen meeting with world leaders in New York. If he’s seen talking about the economy in New Hampshire and not being engaged in foreign policy in New York, I think it’s a huge missed opportunity.”

Curzon said she thinks Romney needs to be more forceful and speak from the heart. “He needs offense. You win a game scoring on offense…we have a great defensive team with Ryan and surrogates…Romney should play offense. The other thing he needs to do is – he needs to start connecting to the American people and not necessarily in 30- to 60-second ads. I would like to see him buy 15-minute infomercials in battleground states where he can actually talk to the people in those states and have tailored messages directly from him.” He continued, “but, you’re right. We need him to step it up on passion and be Reaganesque in principle and stay on offense.”

Base Election, Ground Game, GOTV

Blakeman said, “everything is going to mean our ground game and getting out the troops. It’s a base election…we have to get our base out and we have to influence six to seven percent of independents who have to realize that hope and change that Obama promised never came, and if anything, he’s made our country hopeless. We’ve got to bring that hope back to America.”



Gov. Palin: Vote For and Support Romney / Ryan

This go around, if you don’t know who you dislike more: Romney or Obama – this go around, give Romney a shot. OK? We don’t want to repeat the failed policies of President Obama. That’s insanity to just repeat the same failures over and over again and expect a different result….Obama had his chance…this go around, let’s give Romney that chance.

-Gov. Palin, August 25, 2012, Fox News: America’s News Headquarters

As I’ve repeatedly said, I support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their efforts to replace President Obama at the ballot box, and I intend to focus on grassroots efforts to rally Independents and the GOP base to elect Senate and House members so a wise Congress is ready to work with our new President to get our country back on the right path. This is imperative.

-Gov. Palin, August 12, 2012, Fox News: GretaWire Blog

“…I would vote for Romney in a heartbeat over Obama…”

-Gov. Palin, June 19, 2012, Fox News: Hannity



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