Gallup Neglects To Mention That Its Own Polling Showed That Governor Palin’s Speech in 2008 Polled Better Than Obama’s Speech in 2008

Gallup stated the following today in its write-up of Mitt Romney’s convention speech:

Obama’s 2008 speech was the most warmly received of the eight speeches Gallup has evaluated using this measure

Gallup is neglecting to mention that it also evaluated Governor Palin’s speech in 2008 using this same measure. Here is what Gallup found:

Obama’s speech received very positive ratings, but slightly lower than Palin did in this weekend’s poll.

Overall, 60% rated Palin’s speech as excellent/good, 58% rated Obama’s speech as excellent/good, 47% rated McCain’s speech as excellent/good, and 38% rated Romney’s speech as excellent/good. More voters rated Palin’s speech as excellent (42%) than the percentage of voters who rated Romney’s speech as excellent or good (38%).

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