Governor Palin Draws Attention to Our Sarah by Her Father and Brother

Today, Governor Palin has drawn attention to the book written by her dad and brother, Our Sarah: Made in Alaska. While many have written books about her and her family, she puts her approval behind this one. Of course she does: it’s written by those who know her best. She writes on Facebook:

A new book by my father and brother (Chuck Heath and Chuck Heath, Jr.) will be out on September 25. The book chronicles our family’s experiences in Alaska and how the adventure of growing up in the Last Frontier helped shape us. You can follow this link to see the schedule for their upcoming book tour and media appearances.

The link to which the Governor refers is the Facebook events page Chuck Heath, Jr. created for each of the book tour stops. Click here to go there. When you get there, click “Join” for the signing you will be attending, and then “Share” with your Facebook friends. Let’s join Governor Palin in encouraging others to read Our Sarah and participate in its media rollout and book signing events.

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