Judge Throws Out Junk Lawsuit Claims Against Governor Palin – Update

Another one bites the dust:

A federal judge on Thursday struck down claims in a lawsuit alleging that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin acted to silence an activist who complained about traffic around the governor’s mansion in 2009.

U.S District Judge Timothy Burgess granted Palin’s request for summary judgment, finding that activist Chip Thoma failed to provide the evidence necessary to support his claims. Palin’s attorney, John Tiemessen, said the ruling means that, as a matter of law, no valid claims stand, and it should lead to dismissal of the case…

Thoma’s initial lawsuit was partly based on a leaked draft manuscript by Frank Bailey, a Palin aide during that period. Bailey’s book claimed Palin aides “went into discrediting Chip overdrive” after Palin expressed frustration with complaints she took as an attack on her family being in Juneau. For part of her tenure, Palin had gotten flak for not being in Juneau enough, or full-time.

Burgess said excerpts from the book could not be considered in the motion for summary judgment for several reasons, including that the passages are inadmissible hearsay. He said Thoma lacks the personal knowledge to authenticate the statements made in the book.

Burgess also said the only documented evidence that Thoma submitted to support his motion and oppose Palin’s was his own affidavit.

“The record is simply devoid of evidence concerning the alleged retaliation,” Burgess wrote.

So, this clown used Frank Bailey’s book as his evidence? Ha, that’s hilarious! It’s also funny because now Jeanne Devon’s “work” has been legally (and properly, I might add) ruled as “inadmissible hearsay.” To say the least, your Honor.


Update: Here’s a link to some background information on Chip Thoma from a piece I wrote in 2011.

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