LA Times Pushes the ‘New York’ Palin Slam Ratings Meme

Since Palin’s no longer a direct political threat to anyone since she didn’t run for anything this year, now the mainstream media has moved on to trying to diminish her influence overall.  But unfortunately for them, the influence Palin has earned with the grassroots has been cultivated in an honest way and has already sustained the same lame attacks they throw at her.

Of course, the success of such pathetic nonsense is welcomed by the establishment.  The last person they want out there during their terms in office is Sarah Palin pointing out their inadequacies – let alone their broken promises.

Stacy did a great job dissecting the fiction of the New York article.  She pointed out the obvious: the article used unnamed sources.  Then she pointed out the facts to refute the theories which say Palin’s ratings are down at Fox News referring to the boost Palin gave to NBC when she co-hosted Today as well as the special she did with Eric Bolling on Fox News.  Further, as Stacy mentioned, Palin remains the most powerful TV pundit according to Mediaite.

But sadly, instead of investigating the New York article on the basis of facts and data (which it lacked) and fairly weighing the fact that the information provided in the article was from unnamed Fox executives, Robin Abcarian at the LA Times re-spun the piece free of charge and added her own spin as well.

In her article, she claims that Palin’s “Fox cancelled my interviews” Facebook post was the Governor’s “moment” at the convention.  She asks:

Was it a case of Palin trying to capture a bit of the limelight after Mitt Romney snubbed her at Republican National Convention in Tampa, declining to offer her a speaking role in prime-time, or at any other time?

Or was it, as New York magazine speculated, the first rumblings of a feisty contract renegotiation process with Fox News Channel, which pays her $1 million a year for her rotating presence on its talk shows?

Actually, it was neither.  First, John McCain is Sarah Palin’s friend.  Palin was scheduled to give interviews the night of the VP nominee speech at the RNC and it was also John McCain’s birthday.  Palin’s agenda was to use the opportunity to not only give her unique insight of the night’s events, but to also recall her 2008 running mate (McCain) for the purposes of honoring him with kind words — since he was speaking that night.  Once she knew that opportunity was gone, she took to Facebook to let others know what she had planned on sharing.  But of course, simple explanations and true friendship are simply not enough to sell newspapers or to get web hits for online publications.

Secondly, there is no factual evidence to suggest Mitt Romney denied Palin a speaking slot.  In fact, the head of the RNC, Reince Priebus told Mark Levin she was in fact offered a slot.  Sure, people can guess or draw their own conclusions. But, when you’re writing for a major news publication, it shouldn’t be used as your basis – or a prelude of fact to manufacture yet another lie to be picked up by the next pay-it-forward “journalist” interested in writing their own narratives and stories.

Abcarian continues by pushing the New York article:

Earlier this week, New York reported that both parties were disappointed in each other — Fox in Palin because her ratings are lower than expected and Palin in Fox because she does not receive top billing for her appearances.

“According to sources,” said New York, “the relationship at times has gotten so bad that much communication has been conducted via Palin’s husband Todd. One thing is clear: It’s risky for her to push the envelope too far. Fox has been a central pillar of Palin’s national reach since quitting the governorship, and without the network’s platform, it’s unclear how she could maintain even her current, much-diminished level of visibility.”

So let me get this straight.  Abcarian sees a New York article quoting unnamed “sources.” Stacy here at C4P thoroughly debunked the article with actual facts and numbers.  Yet, Abcarian decides to write a continuance piece to the one without the facts and data?

If Fox is considering letting Palin go as the media’s newest narrative suggests, what does ABC intend on doing with Katie Couric?  What does MSNBC plan on doing with basically every host they have?

One Facebook message by the Governor immediately got her a tweet from Piers Morgan of CNN trying to get her to come on their network.

I have no substantive reason to blame Fox News executives for all of this.  After all, that would make me no better than the journalists who use them for credibility in the first place — especially when they’re unnamed.  Yet, I am confident Fox News noticed when Palin got the tweet from Morgan and I am sure they know that if their ties with her were ever severed, there would be a dozen other networks breaking Palin’s door down trying to get her to sign on with them.

The bottom line is this: Palin is a massive ratings magnet wherever she goes.  That hasn’t changed for the last four years and there are no credible sources available to indicate otherwise.  Palin’s freedom to have the impact she has is not necessarily good news for sitting politicians or even ones who are headed to Washington this year.  She’s trouble for the left and the establishment on the right.  That’s not likely to change just because some in the media and the beltway peddle their own manifestations about a Palin decline.  Funny thing is, I doubt they see the irony in their own efforts.

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