Our Sarah Contest Winners Revealed

The contest to win an autographed copy of Our Sarah: Made in Alaska, written by Governor Palin’s father and brother, Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck, Jr., ended on September 18. Now, I announce the names of all five winners! But first, let’s take a look at the questions again. The correct answers are in bold text.

1. Where was Gov. Palin born?
a. Skagway, AK
b. Seattle, WA
c. Dearborn, MI
d. Sandpoint, ID
e. Austin, TX

2. Who is the firstborn among the Heath children?
a. Sarah
b. Molly
c. Track
d. Heather
e. Chuck, Jr.

3. Gov. Palin and Todd Palin met
a. while hunting
b. on the basketball court
c. at a church camp
d. snowmachining
e. at her parents’ home

4. Which of the following is NOT on Gov. Palin’s resume of accomplishments?
a. basketball state champion
c. Lieutenant Governor
d. negotiated largest private-sector energy project in North American history
e. Oil and Gas Conservation Commissioner

5. In 2008, where was Gov. Palin when she received Sen. McCain’s call asking her to consider being his running mate?
a. Alaska State Fair
b. Governor’s office in Anchorage
c. Iron Dog starting line
d. at home in Wasilla
e. fishing on Bristol Bay

To win, individuals had to survive a multi-step process. First, they had to participate. “You’ve got to be in it to win it,” as they say. Next, they had to answer all five questions correctly. Finally, those who answered all five questions correctly were entered into a drawing. Five individuals emerged from this random process.

And the winners are…

1. Lee Gee
2. Ron Griffith
3. Ben Anderson
4. D Palmer
5. Les Jackson

Congratulations to our five winners!

Thank you to those who participated, thank you to the Heaths for making this contest possible by generously donating books, and thank you to everyone for your support of the Heaths’ labor of love, Our Sarah.

Chuck, Sr. and Chuck, Jr. will be on Hannity TV this Monday, September 24. Their book will be released the following day, Tuesday, September 25. Then they will hit the road on a multi-state book tour, the first stop being Rochester, NY on Saturday, September 29. For the current schedule of media appearances, go here. For a list of book tour locations, go here.

Mark the calendars, set the DVR’s, gas up the tanks, purchase the plane tickets, and do whatever you need to do to make this rollout and tour a huge success. And of course, buy the book!

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