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Bristol Palin introduced Kevin Scholla’s new “Breaking it Down with Bristol” series in an article on Bristol’s Blog, which is syndicated by US for Palin.

Recently, I sat down with Kevin Scholla, who operates SarahNET Radio. (You should follow him on Twitter here and the radio program here!) We talked about Life’s a Tripp, Dancing with the Stars, and — of course — Tripp. Also, he’ll be broadcasting a special interview with me each week called “Breaking It Down with Bristol,” to go over my Dancing with the Stars adventure! Listen to the show below — and thanks, Kevin! This will be fun!

Following is text transcript of this interview:

Sign-On and Introduction

“We all remember 2008 – the excitement of Governor Palin’s run for Vice President, and at the time the Palin family also hit the national stage,” Kevin Scholla said as he opened his new “Breaking It Down with Bristol” series on SarahNET Radio. “Well, Bristol Palin has had a lot of changes in her life since then. She’s now the mother of a great little boy and an inspiration to many Americans, especially girls and young women. She’s also getting set to go dancing again. We have a lot to talk about today with our special guest. Bristol Palin thanks for being here on the Palin Update on SarahNET Radio.”

“Thank you for having me on here, Kevin,” Bristol said.

Bristol Palin: Blessed with Opportunities, Awesome Four Years

“What a wild ride over the past four years. You have been thrust onto the national scene when your mother, Governor Sarah Palin ran for Vice President and since then, you went from a teenager in Alaska to a mom, an author, a TV personality, and now an influential blogger, so can you even remember what it was like before all these big changes?” Scholla asked.

“Yeah, well, I think I’ve been just so blessed with the opportunities I’ve had and my son has had, and it’s just been an awesome four years. It’s been really good,” Bristol said.

On Life’s a Tripp

“You’re gearing up for Dancing with the Stars right now and we will get to that in a moment, but first you took a swing at your own show on Lifetime, Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp. We had David Martin on SarahNET Radio, producer of Life’s a Tripp and I personally watched every show. Did you enjoy doing it?” Scholla asked.

“Yeah, well, we had a great time and looking back, I’m glad that we have that footage that Tripp is going to be able to see for a long time. You know, he grew up on that show, so it was a blast. It was a good learning experience for us and it was fun, it was really good,” Bristol said.

“Well, it was fun to watch the interactions with your family and friends. And first of all, Willow is hysterical. You guys are really great sisters to one another aren’t you?” Scholla asked.

“Yeah, we are. We’re like best friends, and she’s just the funniest girl. I think her personality on the show was just a hoot. It was hilarious, and I’m thankful that she was a part of it,” Bristol said.

“I mean you go into a show, you know that little kid’s involved and you think that’s the humor, but I’ve got to tell you I went away laughing some of Willow’s lines more than anything every episode,” Scholla said.

“Oh, she was the star of the show,” Bristol said. “Between her and Tripp, it was funny to watch it back. Yeah, her attitude – I don’t think we’re much alike – her attitude is just hilarious,” she said.

“And your son, a fun little guy…how’s he doing?” Scholla asked.

“He’s doing awesome! He’s doing really good,” Bristol said.

Now one of the things that stood out for me was the episode you did that showed some of the work you do for young mothers. Why is that important to you?” Scholla asked.

“You know, I just have such a connection to young moms, and single moms, and just moms in general. Because, I know what they go through, and it doesn’t really matter what your background is or what circumstance you’re in. It’s hard, and I just really connect with those young moms and especially single moms. I like to give back and try to help in any way that I can, but yeah I enjoy doing stuff with young moms,” Bristol said.

“I also loved when you threw that party for your mom and gave her a pink gun,” Scholla said. Bristol laughed and responded, “yeah that gun was cool.” Scholla said “that must have sent a lot of liberals up the wall.”

On Bristol’s Blog

He continued,

“People have kind of gotten used to you being in the limelight. You had your book, plus your first Dancing With the Stars appearance, then Lifetime, so from an entertainment standpoint people expect you there, but you’ve recently developed your own blog and in it – yes, you’re talking about some personal, fun things, but you’re also tackling some heady political issues. You’ve been clear with your opinions and unafraid to stand up to those who attack you or your family. It must be gratifying to have an outlet like this to be able to answer the critics and also to express your views?”

Bristol answered,

“Oh, absolutely! I just enjoy this blog so much, and it just means a lot to me that I’m able to have a platform to talk about what is important to me and to my family and just share my view with others, and I think it’s a good outlet and I’m just honored and blessed to be able to have that blog. And, I think more people should be talking about real issues. And in the media now it’s all just about sex and image – I don’t think it’s cool, and I wish there were more voices out there with conservative beliefs and just another option for people out there I guess. And I think there needs to be more role models like that.

“Well, listen, I find it well-written and really a great place for people to get the real answers about you and your thoughts with no spin. Can you tell listeners how they can see your blog?” Scholla asked.

It’s on Patheos, and I have it attached to my Facebook. I always post on there, and – yeah – it’s a Patheos Blog and awesome,” Bristol said. She can also be reached on Twitter.

Dancing With the Stars

“So, you are heading back to Dancing with the Stars. You did so well the first time, and now an All-Star season. Are you excited?” Scholla asked.

“Thank you. I’m so excited and honored to be asked back. I’ve been cracking at rehearsals just recently and it’s just been awesome and it’s going to be a whole new season, a whole new ballgame and I’m just really glad that they asked me back. It’s going to be good,” Bristol said.

“Breaking it Down with Bristol”

“Well, we plan on following you on Dancing With the Stars every step of the way, and we want to let everyone in on the big news now: every week on SarahNET Radio and on the Six Seeds Faith and Family Channel, we will be talking with you about your journey on Dancing with the Stars. The show will be called “Breaking it Down with Bristol” and we really look forward to it,” Scholla said.

“Well, thank you so much. I can’t wait to talk to you guys and give you some of the behind-the-scenes scoop on it all,” Bristol said.

Media Going to Say Whatever…May As Well Have Fun

“I really liked what you said at your Dancing With the Stars press conference. Reporters kept harping on ‘why are you doing this’ and at the same time, you said the media won’t treat you fairly and you said basically, ‘hey, they’re going to say stuff about you anyway, so you may as well have fun,'” Scholla said.

“Yeah, absolutely! And it’s just like ‘whatever’. They’re going to be talking about me no matter what and this is something I had an awesome experience with last time and it’s going to be a great season,” Bristol said.

Closing and Sign-Off

“Well, as your dad said on this program a few weeks ago, he won’t get in the mud with these people, and Bristol, you have a great attitude as well. We thank you so much for being here and look forward to Dancing With the Stars and spending some time with you each week,” Scholla said.

“Thank you so much, and thank you for the opportunity to have me on here. It’s just awesome. Thank you,” Bristol said. ”

A great mother, daughter, sister, and just an engaging, wonderful person – Bristol Palin. We look forward to her Dancing With the Stars and her All Stars journey each and every week, we will talk with Bristol about her experience on this show.

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