Team Obama’s Paranoid, Insecure Response to Media Outlets

The Democratic National Convention is in full swing in Charlotte, NC. Something else is in full swing: paranoia and insecurity from Team Obama.

When someone tries desperately to insulate themselves from news outlets that might challenge them, one has to wonder: what are you afraid of?

Ben Shapiro, a reporter for –one of the leading news sources in the New Media– and one of the hosts of KRLA’s radio show “The Heidi Harris Show” in Los Angeles, was met with questions and paranoia by President Obama’s campaign:

“…top Obama outside advisor and head of the Center for American Progress John Podesta stopped by radio row this morning – but only long enough to speak with liberal talkers. When I approached him about appearing on KRLA’s “The Heidi Harris Show” along with me and my co-hosts Heidi Harris (conservative) and Brian Whitman (liberal), his handler quickly intervened. Later, the handler stopped by to clarify: did the show have two liberals and one conservative, or two conservatives and one liberal? When I stated that it had two conservatives and one liberal, he quickly shook his head and sprinted away.”

You can read more of Shapiro’s reporting here.

This is in stark contrast to Gov. Palin, who readily made herself available to the media during her bus tour last summer, again when CNN followed her in Iowa last year, and again when she “infiltrated” NBC studios for the day.



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