Win an Autographed Copy of ‘Our Sarah: Made in Alaska’

Our Sarah: Made in Alaska, co-authored by Governor Palin’s father and brother, will be released at the end of this month. Chuck, Sr. and Chuck, Jr. worked hard to write a book that would give readers an honest, inside look at Governor Palin–her upbringing, her unique experiences, her influences. Having had the honor of reading the book already, I can assure you that they have accomplished just that. I will share more in my review of the book, which is coming very soon.

The Heaths have been so gracious as to involve supporters in this exciting project. They started by asking for suggestions of cities they should visit on their book tour, which should kick off shortly after the book hits shelves. They have received those suggestions and will soon make those locations and dates known.

Via Chuck Heath, Jr’s Our Sarah Facebook page:

We listened to you guys, took your advice, and scheduled the first eight cities for our book tour using many of your suggestions. We’ll let you know exactly where we’re going in the coming days. Thanks for hanging in there!

But this isn’t the end of your involvement.

Just in time for the back-to-school craze, you will soon have the opportunity to complete an online quiz, consisting of five multiple choice questions about Governor Palin. Your questionnaire will be graded, and those who answer all five questions correctly will be entered into a drawing to win a copy of Our Sarah, autographed by both Chuck, Jr. and Chuck, Sr! The contest will run until September 18, after which time five names will be drawn. Winners will be notified via email and their names then published so that we can all see who won and congratulate them. Again, individuals must score 100% to be entered into the random drawing, and from that pool of names, five will be selected.

To participate in the soon-coming questionnaire, contestants will have to click on a graphic of the cover of the book, which will be located on the C4P right sidebar. That will take you to the questionnaire post. Once you get there, follow the instructions. Then sit back and wait for the outcome!

Please keep in mind that the graphic is not yet on the sidebar and the questionnaire has not yet gone live, but they will be ready soon. So keep your eyes peeled for the contest post, the sidebar graphic, and my review of Our Sarah: Made in Alaska.

If you haven’t done so yet, please go here to “Like” the Our Sarah Facebook page, and here, here, or here to pre-order your copy of the book.

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