Andrew Sullivan: If Romney wins Virginia and Florida, the ‘Confederacy’ Is Back

Insane? Of course. But par for the course for Trig Truther-in-Chief, Andrew Sullivan:

I guess Sullivan is trying to resuscitate Biden’s race-baiting ‘they’re going to put y’all back in chains’ threat. Is Sully implying that an Obama defeat would result in a return to slavery? If not, why bring up the Confederacy? With Crazy Andy, though, anything’s possible.

It’s amazing how far ABC’s This Week has fallen since the days of David Brinkley. This was once a serious political talk show, and one I never missed. But that was a long time ago. First they hire partisan hacks like George Stephanopoulos and Christiane Amanpour to host the show, now they include loons like Andrew Sullivan and Keith Olbermann on their roundtables and treat them as though they have something serious to add to the dialogue. I may be wrong, but my recollection is that in order to appear on a show like This Week, one needed a certain level of gravitas. That’s obviously no longer necessary, even if you’re the host. Will Al Sharpton or Bill Maher be next to appear on the roundtable? Oh wait.

Sadly, the decline of the Sunday talk shows isn’t unique to ABC. The drop in credibility has been equally dramatic, perhaps even more so, at NBC’s Meet the Press. Does anyone believe David Gregory is in the same league as Tim Russert? Anyone?

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