Biden: Crying baby worried Romney’s going to win

Chains let loose with another rhetorical flourish today in St. Augustine, Florida. Via ABC’s Arlette Saenz:

“They eliminate help for middle-class families who want to send their kids to college like that beautiful baby over there,” Biden said as a baby cried at Ketterlinus Gymnasium Saturday.  “I don’t blame her for crying! I don’t blame that baby for crying! That baby, that baby, that baby knows what’s in store for him or her if Romney wins! I’m glad someone understands my speech!”

He got that last bit right. That’s about the age level you’d have to be to make sense out of anything Joe Bidenopoulis says. I’m guessing the crowd who showed up to listen to this buffoon pontificate has roughly the same mental age as the baby … as does Slow Joe. Interestingly, if you attempt to get inside Biden’s head for a moment — there’s plenty of room in there — and follow his line of reasoning to its logical conclusion, you’d have to conclude that he knows he’s going to lose. I mean if Biden thought Team O was heading for re-election, wouldn’t the baby be happy as pie knowing he or she has cradle to grave government dependency to look forward to? At least until the government goes bankrupt, that is…

Update: C4P commenter “Colony14Author” points out that the aforementioned baby may be crying because he (or she) was just born into the world already at least $50,000 dollars in debt.  Excellent point.


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