By singling out Gallup, Reuters singles out themselves

As Rush Limbaugh noted today, Reuters obviously has a big problem with Gallup.  As we all know, Gallup last week showed the president trailing Governor Romney by 7 points.  As such, Reuters felt it necessary to write an entire article questioning it.

Curiously a day after they released that article, they wrote another describing the tendency of older white men who voted for McCain/Palin in 2008 as now being more likely to vote for Obama in 2012.

By the way, Reuters also called Obama “the winner” of the second debate.

Not only is the media trying to manufacture momentum for Obama, they’re manufacturing tendencies, too.

But one thing Reuters is going to have a hard time explaining is the inconvenient fact that Gallup isn’t the only polling firm releasing polls showing Romney in a favorable position over Obama.  Along with Gallup, others are Rasmussen, a handful of local polling institutions, and even PPP.

While Gallup’s national lead is still the strongest, others are showing Romney leading as well.  Politico gives Romney a two point national lead.  Rasmussen gives him a two point lead as well.  Further, Monmouth gives him a three point lead over Obama.

More importantly are unexpected battleground states:

According to Suffolk, in Ohio, Romney has shrunk Obama’s lead and they are both in a tie for the state’s electorates.  According to PPP, Obama still carries a lead in the Buckeye state, but only by one point.

In Colorado, Rasmussen puts Romney ahead by 4 points.  More locally, WeAskAmerica and the Denver Post have Romney leading by one point.

Most shockingly, in Iowa, the latest PPP poll has Romney ahead by one point.  Rasmussen puts Obama and Romney at a tie in the Midwestern state.

In the sunshine state of Florida, both Fox News and CNN reflect Romney ahead.

And in very unexpected states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, the polls reflecting a lead for Obama also show it shrinking by the day.

So, as you can see, Reuters has good reason to scamper about writing up their own narratives.  But the facts don’t hold up.  They obviously think they can distract by singling out just one polling institution, but it looks like now they have about four others to be concerned with as well.

I look forward to the latest Reuters/IPSOS poll on older white men to put the matter to rest.

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