Chris Matthews used term “shuck and jive” at least two additional times

Well this is interesting. Yesterday Governor Palin slammed Chris Tingles for his hypocrisy in criticizing Governor Palin for her use of the phrase “shuck and jive” to characterize Obama’s dissembling with regard to his Administration’s growing Benghazi scandal when Matthews himself used the term in reference to fellow MSNBC Lefty Rachel Maddow. As it turns out, this isn’t the only time Matthews has used the term. Via Newsbuster’s Noel Sheppard:

To put even a finer point on the hypocrisy on display, Matthews has said  “shuck and jive” on the air at least two additional times:

MATTHEWS: So to speak. But the fact is, those  propositions aside, the fact is that Gore has always been one of several  political figures in this city. He’s been one of the senators. I don’t think of  him as a celebrity guy. I mean, the poor guy, I said this before earlier in the  show. Not poor guy, they can all handle it, but it must drive him crazy to sit  next to Clinton as these fund-raisers and see Clinton shuck and jive with the  people and dance around there on the stage, loving it and loving the crowd, and  Gore is very artificial.  – June 2, 2000 Hardball

MATTHEWS: Have you seen her operate under pressure where she`s done something  that`s really spontaneously smart, like the way the president handle 9/11 on  9/14, when he went down in the rubble and said we`re going to get the people  that knocked down these buildings, reacting to the crowd? Can she do that, can  she shuck and jive, can she move with the crowd?  – February 27, 2006 Hardball

What’s that you were saying about dog whistles, Chris?

For the record, where I come from “shuck and jive” is a common term; merely a g-rated alternative one uses to describe what someone is doing when they’re trying to peddle a particularly unbelievable line of b*llsh*t. It certainly has nothing whatsoever to do with race. Indeed I remember using that term when I attended Catholic school as a kid because I didn’t think I’d be in a happy place if the nuns overheard me using the latter option. (No doubt a wise-beyond-my-years decision on my part.) And now an MSNBC moron who’s used the term at least three times on the air wants his handful of viewers to believe it’s racist? Riiiiight.

(h/t Thomas Stewart)

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