Chuck Heath, Jr. and Sr. Set a Brainwashed Couple Straight

Chuck, Jr. was too exhausted last night to journal about the day’s adventures, so he told us he’d fill us in today. With the schedule they’ve been keeping, they deserve the rest. His recap was worth the wait, as he shared with us a conversation with a couple who clearly didn’t know the difference between Governor Palin and Tina Fey–or the difference between fact and fiction. They, too, have been led astray by the false narratives out there. Good thing the Chucks were there to set them straight. The encounter is priceless. This couple is just one example of why a book like Our Sarah: Made in Alaska is so important. Let’s get it into the hands of everyone we can.

Chuck, Jr. writes (emphasis mine):

Now this is a hardcore fan! We ran into Eric, at our Dallas signing last night. He proudly showed us his Sarah tattoo. He had met Sarah on the road a couple of years ago and asked her to sign his arm. She asked him why and he told her he was going to have her signature tattooed on it. I don’t think she really believed that he’d actually go through with it but he did, and he’s very proud of it.

We went out to dinner after the signing with Eric, Lynda, Michelle, and three of our high school friends from Wasilla who showed up to surprise us, John Cottle, and brothers Shane and Dane Tharp. I’ll put a picture up of them in a little while.

We got up at 5:00 a.m. this morning (that’s redundant) and dad answered the automated wake-up call by telling the machine, “Good Morning! Thanks for the call!” I’ve told him a million times that it’s just a machine he’s talking to.

We showered, packed up, got on the elevator (where you guys know what he said to the two men in there with us), and went down for breakfast. They weren’t serving until 7:00, so we missed it and caught a ride to the airport.

While we were in line to go through security, we started talking to a family from New Mexico. Eventually the conversation turned to Alaska. Dad asked them if they’d ever heard of Wasilla? The wife rolled her eyes and said, “Of course. That’s where that lady who thinks she can see Russia from her house, lives.” We both jumped on her immediately (figuratively) and set her straight. I pulled out a copy of our book to show them who they were talking to and they were so embarrassed. I think we actually may have convinced them to read the book. That’s another perfect example of some really nice people who’ve been brainwashed by the media.

We made it to our gate two hours early as usual, and I checked my messages. I got a really nice note from Greta V about our appearance on her show last night, and we got lots of nice messages from folks back home.

Dad’s wandering around looking for bookstores to see if our book is in any of them… I better go look for him; he doesn’t have a GPS this time.

Off to Ohio…

Click here to see a photo of Eric, the dude who came in with Sarah Palin on his arm–figuratively, of course!

During the day yesterday, Chuck, Jr. filled us in on a warm thank you message he got, which helped ease the longing for his wife and kids back home. He posted:

It’s a small world. Remember my post the other day when I told the story about our trip to Talladega and running into the security guard, Bobby, that tried to run us off before he found out who we were? Well I got a message today from his daughter, Christy Ellard Peterson. We had given a signed copy of our book to Bobby and he had us personalize it for Christy. Somehow, she stumbled upon our facebook page and send me a really nice thank you message.

I miss my wife and kids back in Alaska, but little things like that story make our whole trip worthwhile.

Read the rest here.

In case you missed it, go here to watch the Heaths’ interview with Mark Levin, David Brody, and Greta Van Susteren. Ian posted the uncut interview with Greta in this morning’s Open Thread.

I’ll keep posting the adventures of Chuck, Jr. and Sr. here, as they are engaging, exciting, and often quite funny. However, if you haven’t done so yet, go to their Our Sarah Facebook page and “Like” it.

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