Confirmed: Obama lied about his energy record at Tuesday’s debate

Via the Wall Street Journal:

One of the feats of President Obama’s re-election campaign is its ability to describe his record in a way that bears little or no relation to the reality of the last four years. Exhibit A is Mr. Obama’s riff on energy at Tuesday night’s debate, when he all but ran to the right of Mitt Romney, and maybe Sarah Palin.


Mr. Romney: “Production on government land of oil is down 14%.”

Mr. Obama: “Governor—”

Mr. Romney: “And production of gas is down 9%.”

Mr Obama: “What you’re saying is just not true. It’s just not true.”

The problem for the President is that a government outfit called the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) compiles these statistics. That’s where Mr. Romney got his accurate figures on oil and gas production on government land and permitting in Mr. Obama’s first term. The EIA also reports that total fossil fuel production in public areas—oil, gas and coal—has plunged to a nine-year low, to 18.6 quadrillion BTUs from 21.2 quadrillion in 2003.

Mr. Obama is correct that overall domestic energy production is up, thanks largely to the shale boom in states like Pennsylvania and North Dakota. But he’s trying to take credit for something he had nothing to do with, given that this surge is taking place on private property and the EPA is searching for an excuse to supplant state regulation and slow down drilling. Wait for the second term.

The President’s cameo as a coal guy is even more amazing. In 2008 Mr. Obama declared that he wanted electricity rates for so-called dirty fuels to “necessarily skyrocket” and “if somebody wants to build a coal plant, they can—it’s just that it will bankrupt them.”

That’s one promise he’s kept: For the first time, coal is in decline, with production falling 6.5% since 2008, according to the EIA. Part of the reason is a shock from cheap natural gas. But the major reason is a surge of EPA air and water rules, such as an unrealistic and pointless $9.6 billion rule for trace mercury emissions that the agency put out last year.  

And so it goes. No president in our nation’s history has done more to prevent America from tapping its energy reserves the current one. It’s obvious he’ll say anything to obfuscate his record, but facts are stubborn things, and they aren’t on his side. Quite the contrary. Obama’s proving himself to be a pathological liar, but it’s not as easy as it’s been in the past since he now has an actual record which can be contrasted with the nonsense he utters. Read the Journal’s entire article here.

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