Curiosity About Gov. Palin’s Political Future Still Strong (Gotta Love the LSM!)

Well, you can scratch the media narratives goodbye, the ones that claim Governor Palin is irrelevant or the ones who claim that her ratings are down at Fox News.  We knew better all along, but now that the current race is not playing out well for Obama in this 24-hour news cycle, the media is back where we always expected them: worrying about Governor Palin’s political future.

A very short while ago, this video from Extra surfaced.

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Within minutes, the same media so sure that Governor Palin’s irrelevance is growing are running with this and running fast.  The Huffington Post (knowing that a good “Palin” piece gets a lot of web hits) and USAToday reported on it.  Mediaite and ABC as well as many others have jumped in, too.

Of course, Governor Palin encourages us to stay focused on 2012.  She was gracious and kind with the paparazzi as well, just as we would expect her to be.

But despite all the naysayers who dream of a political world without Governor Palin’s passion for reform, this effort by the media proves their dreams about her irrelevance are nothing but wishful thinking.

We all want Obama defeated in 2012.  But regardless of who the ultimate winner will be, we look forward to working with Governor Palin whether her plans include a future run at the White House or not.

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