Dan Gainor | Liberals ‘freak out’ after Obama’s poor debate performance

The late Warren Zevon wrote the song “Things to Do in Denver When You’re  Dead” in 1991. After Wednesday’s presidential  debate,  it could be the new theme for the Obama campaign and even the liberals of MSNBC  seemed to know it. Though some major media outlets attempted to limit the  collateral damage.

When the Rocky Mountain debate came to an end, a black cloud descended on the  liberal off-shoot of NBC. “A CNN/ORC poll of registered voters who watched the  debate in Denver showed 67 percent believe Romney won the debate, while just 25  percent said Obama won,” the Hill reported.

For MSNBCers, it was a sign of The End Times. Perennial Obama Fan Club  President Chris Matthews lamented the whole ordeal, whining this “wasn’t an  MSNBC debate, was it? It just wasn’t.”

Matthews erupted into a vein-throbbing rant  about how Obama should be watching MSNBC to learn his debate talking points. “Where was Obama tonight?! He should watch, well not just ‘Hardball,’  Rachel [Maddow], he should watch you, he should watch the Reverend Al  [Sharpton], he should watch Lawrence [O’Donnell]. He would learn something about  this debate,” he vented. Perhaps the new soundtrack for “Hardball,” will be “After The Thrill Is Gone.”

Fellow MSNBC host Ed Schultz echoed the panic and added Obama “created a problem for himself on Social  Security tonight. He agrees with Mitt Romney.” “I was absolutely stunned  tonight,” Schultz concluded. In fact, MSNBC’s focus group  of “undecideds,” all thought Romney did well.


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