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Remember when Chuck Heath, Sr. and Jr. sent the tire they were given–Kyle Busch’s tire–to Alaska via UPS? It arrived at Chuck, Sr’s house. But, thanks to his wife and friend’s sense of humor, he first thought it had been stolen. Chuck, Sr. was all fired up and ready to take action, but if you read Our Sarah: Made in Alaska, you know that it serves him right after all the practical jokes he’s been known to play–like entering a race under a friend’s name and running a slow time, and placing an ad for a prayer line, using this friend’s phone number! It’s only fair, therefore, that some of the Heath humor be turned on him.

Chuck, Jr. journals:

Here’s proof that our NASCAR tire made it to Alaska, that’s my boys Kier and Teko fighting over it. As usual there is a story behind it. If you remember from my earlier post, Dad and I sent the tire via UPS from Birmingham, Alabama a week or so ago (if you didn’t read the old post, we visited Talladega Speedway and we were given one of Kyle Busch’s used race tires).

Anyway, dad called me yesterday and he was ready to explode. When he got back to Wasilla, the UPS package had was waiting for him at his house. When he opened it, he was shocked to see that the tire had been replaced with a tiny, old beaten up one from a Toyota. He wanted to know if I had the address of the UPS store in Birmingham because he was going to take legal action against them. He just knew that someone there had stolen ours and switched it for the one he received. As he was going off, I started to hear roaring laughter in the background. Dad said something I can’t repeat here, and then he started laughing too.

It turns out that dad’s best friend, Adrian Lane, and my mom had switched the tires out right before he got home. They had sealed the box back up and left it on the doorstep.

We still haven’t quite adjusted to normal life. Mom and dad spent yesterday making it their personal mission to make sure our book would be available in every bookstore in Wasilla. Unbelievably, of all the places we visited in the last few weeks, Wasilla is the only one where we couldn’t find our book!

We got up at 3:45am this morning to do the Fox and Friends segment. It was painful getting up that early but it was worth it because there were huge curtains of dancing, green northern lights covering the entire sky. Even my son Kier got out of bed to come watch them.

We drove to Sarah’s house to shoot our segment. Todd Palin and Track’s friend, Jack were our studio crew. There was some kind of technical glitch in the live, satellite feed so we ended up recording the segment and it’s supposed to air tomorrow morning, probably at 9:50 eastern, 5:50 Alaskan time.

We’re off to our kids’ basketball and hockey games over the next two days. It’s very cold and it’s supposed to snow this afternoon so I guess life is getting back to normal.


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