Heaths in Indianapolis: FOX Interview, Packers Game, Best Sellers List

Chuck Heath, Jr. and Sr. spent another day here in the Lower 48. In the words of Dad Heath, it was “a dream come true.” Long-time Green Bay Packers fans, they attended the Packers/Colts game in Indianapolis after doing a FOX News Channel interview with Shannon Bream. But first, Chuck, Jr. shares that they got a message from his mom:

Mom just sent me a message (again) telling me that the times of our next two book signings are incorrect on some websites. Here’s the official times this week:

-Monday, Couer D’Alene, Idaho. 6:30pm, Hastings Bookstore

-Wednesday, Richland, Washington. 6:30pm, Hastings Bookstore

We’ll be on Fox news today at 12:30est, and we’re recording another segment of Fox and Friends.

More to come, but we’ve got to get ready for the Packers/Colts game!

Ms. Sally is definitely on top of things! Please take note of these times.

Chuck, Jr. also thanked his sister for her Facebook note about their book tour.

He ended the day with a recap that included learning that Our Sarah: Made in Alaska made the Amazon Best Sellers list:

Okay. I’m trying really hard not to throw this laptop against the wall. I just finished writing a very long post about today’s events, and when I hit ‘post’ it disappeared again. Second time this trip! Infuriating!

So here’s the condensed version:

-Got up, had breakfast with 100+ Packer fans from all over the country.

-Walked to the Indiana War Memorial that commemorates Indiana soldiers who fell in the Civil and Spanish American wars. Very amazing. Go see it.

-Went to a studio for a live, national Fox interview. Wrong studio, panic, found the right one with two minutes to spare. We did the interview, it was okay but short. Mom sent us her constructive criticism. Love you mom.

-Made it to the game a little late. We were amazed at the size of Lucas Field and the huge crowd. Awesome game, great seats. Thanks Christy Ridenour for taking us and delivering us dinner later. Oh, and for buying eleven of our books.

-Packer fans are great. No pouting or whining after the close loss.. Just a lot of, “We’ll get’em next time!” comments.

-Answered lots of messages.

-Found out our book hit the Amazon best seller list! Great news considering we haven’t gotten any help from the big media guns (except Fox). It proves that there is power in the silent majority. Reminds me of the people that said Sarah couldn’t be elected as governor without media and big oil money support. She did it with the people, and that’s all that counts.

-Special thanks to Wenda and Bill Quilter in Ohio for the nice care package and for treating us to dinner yesterday.

-Love to my wife Abby for taking care of everything at home while I’m gone.

-Hello to my kids, Kier, Teko, and Sophia. I can’t wait to see you!

I’ll post pictures of today’s game later, if FB will let me!

Big travel day tomorrow culminating with a book signing in Couer D’Alene, Idaho.


Okay, here’s the FOX News interview with Shannon Bream:

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