Chuck Heath, Jr., big brother to Governor Palin, has kept so many of us engaged as he has written about the adventures he and his father have enjoyed while launching their new book, Our Sarah: Made in Alaska. Through humorous stories, he has made many of us feel like we accompanied them on their book tour throughout several states. I have heard from several people who have been glued to the words Chuck, Jr. has written and the pictures shared.

Now that the Heaths have returned to Alaska, has the sharing come to an end? The answer is a resounding “no.” Chuck, Jr. is now the author of a new website: He has transferred his writing from the facebook page, Chuck Heath, Jr., to this new site, which you can now frequent to read his thoughts, check out his bio, and keep up with what’s going on with him and Our Sarah, I’m sure.

Chuck writes:

Three quick things:

-Dad and I will be on Hannity this Friday night. This is the interview we taped in NYC two weeks ago. This was our first big interview and we were tired and nervous, so that’s my excuse if it comes out lame!

-Last night during the presidential debate, I think the president actually quoted me! I did an interview last week (I think it was Mark Levin) and I was asked to describe some of the things Sarah had done for Alaska when she was governor. I said that one of her big accomplishments was forcing the oil companies, specifically Exxon, to develop lands that they had locked up in leases for over thirty years and start producing something. I said that Sarah told them they either needed to use it or lose it. (of course my dad wasn’t as politically correct; he said, “It’s time for Exxon to either sh.. or get off of the pot.”) If you read the transcript of last night’s debate, you’ll see that he quotes us almost verbatim on this issue. (not dad!)

-I have a new website that just went up:

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