Las Vegas Review-Journal | No clarity on debacle in Benghazi

Why is it so hard to get straight answers from President Barack Obama about the assassination of the American ambassador in Benghazi, Libya? Judging from his halting, incoherent rhetoric so far, you’d think the American people were asking him to explain the value of pi.

President Obama obfuscates at every turn when confronted with the issue. The more he says, the less he says. Mitt Romney had him cornered in the last debate, but let him escape. And moderator Candy Crowley, like so many members of the Washington media, not only helped Obama escape, but also got in the way of adding clarity for the audience. (Note to the American media: It’s not about you or your politics it’s about the truth.)

Perhaps the next, and last, debate on Monday, which is supposed to center on foreign policy, will give Americans some kind of better understanding of what happened. In the meanwhile, Americans sit in the dark. Our ambassador came home in a body bag and our government spins the situation like it were Nixon and Watergate.


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