Michael Goodwin | Bombastic blather will fool no one

Told ya so. President Obama should have pulled a Joe Girardi and benched Joe Biden long ago. Hillary Rodham Clinton would have knocked last night’s debate out of the park and probably won the election for the Democrats.

Instead, Biden took the stage and made a fool of himself. The experience that supposedly qualifies him to be a heartbeat away is more than offset by the manic behavior he exhibited.

Following his mood swings was like riding a roller coaster. He was over-amped in the beginning and somber and melancholy toward the end. Did the medication kick in, or was it wearing off?

The indelible images were those numerous split screen shots of Biden laughing and shaking his head in condescension while Paul Ryan spoke about serious matters. Iran, taxes, jobs, Medicare — Biden snickered, sneered and giggled like he was privy to a private joke, while Ryan doggedly tried to address the nation’s most urgent problems.

Biden’s conduct was both rude and alarming. Instead of the services of liberal moderator Martha Raddatz, who was too deferential to Biden, we needed EMTs with a straitjacket.


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