Obama Campaign Whines About Latest Gallup Swing-State Poll

The article via ABC speaks for itself:

The Obama campaign today blasted the latest battleground state polling that finds Mitt Romney with a five point lead among likely voters, saying the Gallup/USA Today poll has “deep flaws.”

“Gallup’s data is once again far out of line with other public pollsters,” Obama’s pollster Joel Benenson wrote in a memo.

The survey of 12 key swing states finds Romney pulling ahead thanks to increased enthusiasm from women voters, a demographic that both campaigns have targeted aggressively. President Obama and the GOP nominee are tied 48 percent to 48 percent among women who are likely voters, the poll found.

“We believe the problem with Gallup’s outlying data is rooted in their 7 question likely voter screen, which distorts the composition of likely voters, leading to erratic and inaccurate results,” Benenson wrote.


In response, the Republican National Committee said that “after spending the past two weeks talking about Big Bird, now the best President Obama’s campaign can do is litigate polling,” referring Obama’s attacks against Mitt Romney for saying in the first debate that he would cut federal funding for public broadcasting to reduce the deficit.

You can read the whole thing here.  Of course, the Obama campaign has no comment on the rigged polls of weeks past when they were apparently tilted to give him a more positive outcome.  Tactics included polling on percentages of Democrats over Republicans larger than actual percentages of turnouts in the 2008 election.

Jon Nolte over at Breitbart covered this thoroughly.

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