Our Sarah Book Tour, a Bloody Business

Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck, Jr. are definitely getting their adventure on as they roll out their new book with a book tour. They’ve done two book signings to date, and already their planes have been delayed twice, one costing them an NBC interview. Now, Chuck, Jr. adds a bloody finger to the mix.

Via Facebook:

12:15am, Oct. 2.

I know it’s late but we just got into our hotel in Georgia. Our plane from Orlando was delayed because of weather, and when we eventually got to Atlanta, dad and I stupidly stood outside the baggage claim area waiting for our driver for 30 minutes. I finally looked at our schedule and realized that we didn’t have a driver scheduled… we were supposed to rent a car. We made it to the rental counter and after a half an hour wait, we got our car. We hauled our bags to the car and when I tried to stuff our suitcases into the tiny trunk, I gashed my thumb on a piece of metal and got blood all over everything. We wrapped it in a paper towel and got ready to go. Just as we were taking off, dad said, “Hey, there’s no GPS in here!” (It was dark, rainy, and neither of us had been here before).

Back into the terminal I went. I told the girl at the counter that we had no GPS. She said there were no more cars available with that system. She noticed the blood oozing from my thumb and asked what happened. I told her and she patched me up. I told her not to worry about it; I promised not to sue her, but maybe she could look a little harder for a car with a GPS. Voila! She found one and we were on our way. We made it safely to the hotel after a 38 minute drive… I know because the voices told me so.

Quick recap of today:

-we did a national radio interview at 7:45am and I have no idea who it was with. It was unexpected and done in our car while we were on our way to another interview.

-At 8:30, we did a live Fox news show in Orlando called, “Good Day Orlando”. That went well and I heard you can look it up on Youtube if you want to see it.

-From there, we drove to, The Villages, a planned community about an hour and a half from Orlando. We dodged some golf carts (The Villages has the Guiness Book of Records for most carts), and made our way to the local Barnes and Noble. We met some great people at our signing there, including the parents of one of dad’s former students from 40 years ago. We also finally met Elizabeth Hawkes, the founder of Youth for Palin, and many other supporters. After the signing, we went to lunch at a local restaurant right around the corner. A table full of twenty or so local ladies sat eating lunch. One of the women, Judy, approached us because she recognized dad. She was so happy we were there, and before long, the whole table of women was over at our table sharing stories with us.

Then dad got a big surprise. One of his old hunting clients, Tad Duke, and his wife Nell, walked in and sat down with us. Dad guided Tad on goat and caribou hunts back in the early 1970s. It was great for all of us to catch up and nice to see another familiar face down there.

We left the Villages, drove back to Orlando, and began our trip to Atlanta.

-I got a message from Greta V saying that they couldn’t squeeze our interview in tonight, but it should be soon.

-Hugh Hewitt confirmed that we’ll interview with him tomorrow at 5:30.

-Mark Levin confirmed our interview for Thursday evening.



See the schedule of tour events here.

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