Our Sarah Returns to Alaska

Chuck Heath, Sr. and Chuck, Jr. have returned to Alaska after three weeks “Outside,” as Alaskans refer to the Lower 48. They are understandably exhausted after such a busy book tour schedule. They’re not done getting the word out about their new book, Our Sarah: Made in Alaska, however. They will be conducting a book signing at the house the family lived in when the Heath siblings were children.

Via Facebook:

We made it to Alaska in one piece. It’s warmer than I’d thought it’d be… flying into Anchorage the mountains were as majestic as ever, but the peaks were just lightly dusted with snow. It’s good to be home.

Dad’s so tired he can’t think straight. I could insert a joke here but I can vouch for how beat we both are. He’ll sleep at my house in Anchorage tonight and drive to Wasilla tomorrow.

Speaking of not thinking straight, my wife has been reading my posts and she just informed me tonight that I put way too many commas in my writing. So now, I’m paranoid, that I might be, annoying her. Between my wife and mom, I’ll figure it out eventually.

I didn’t get to see the entire debate tonight but from what I did see, I really hope people appreciate what a great job Sarah did against Biden in 08′, because in my opinion, she whipped him.

Lastly, my belly laugh for the day came at a gas station in Kennewick, Washington. Dad and I stopped to fill up our rental car. Dad told me to pull the lever to pop open the gas tank. I looked for a minute and couldn’t find it. I asked him if he was sure that it wasn’t one of those tanks that opened from the outside and he assured me it wasn’t. We searched the car for almost five minutes looking for the switch/lever. Finally, dad got the manual out of the glove box and started reading it. While he did that, I walked over to the gas cap and pushed it in. It popped right open. Ten minutes wasted but another good laugh.

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