Overplaying the Race Card Cheapens the Charge of Racism

Even though the Democrats have been in overdrive playing the race card for the last four years, the subject of race remains touchy.  Undoubtedly, there are things about being something other than a white male that I will never know or live though.  Nevertheless, one should be allowed to observe basic human behavior patterns to draw a reasonable conclusion — that liberals are compromising the tragedy of true racism by hurling the charge at anyone who has a basic disagreement with their policies.

Over at the Huffington Post, an article is titled “Republican Racism Will Make Party Obsolete.”

In it, the author (Earnest Harris) cites a poll conveniently released by the Associated Press which says that a “majority harbor prejudice against blacks.”  I use the term “conveniently” because the poll comes out just days before a national election.  Of course, the AP doesn’t release this poll to tackle the problem of true racism in the country.  They release it with an attachment of the loaded questions and criteria used and with an accompanying analysis done of its results by Stanford University.  The title of the report? “The Impact of Anti-Black Racism on Approval of Barack Obama’s Job Performance and on Voting in the 2012 Presidential Election.”

Yes, even though it’s all centered on Obama and his re-election, you are supposed to take it seriously and worry about it.

Of course, it doesn’t mention how he doubled the Bush deficits.  It doesn’t mention how he lied when he promised unemployment would never go above 8% as long as we allowed him to squander a trillion dollars we didn’t have on a stimulus, how he presided over our nation’s first credit downgrade, or how he shoved a health care plan down the nation’s throat when the true bipartisanship in Congress and the nation was in its opposition.  Maybe if he spent more time really listening to his opposition in Congress and/or the rallying cries of the American people, he’d have showings in polls reflecting a close race without some liberal polling firm having to over-sample Democrats by 7, 8, and 9 points to get the results desired.

President Obama’s failed policies do not fall on his ethnicity (or on George Bush for that matter).  They fall in his own lap — just a few inches away from the mainstream media.  In the United States of America, it’s not racist to give President Obama the respect and equality he deserves by holding him accountable for his own policies implemented while doing the very job he applied for.

True equality and true freedom inherits personal responsibility.  That is precisely why liberals are so terrified of it and why they look for any qualifier they think will relinquish them from the responsibilities of their own actions.

In the Huffington Post article, Earnest Harris tries to introduce his thoughts by coming across as sensible:

It should be pointed out here that by no means do I believe all people who are against Obama are so inclined because he is part black (which to most means he is all black). Certainly the president has enough liberal and progressive ideas to make conservative folks cringe regardless of his skin color and ethnic background. I also don’t believe all Democrats, in every corner of the country, are cool with a black man running things. So this isn’t just about Republicans being racist.

But then he goes on to contradict all that in bringing up two statements: one by John Sununu and one by Governor Palin.

John Sununu’s comment that Colin Powell’s endorsement of Obama was due to them sharing skin color is one example. It meant that intelligence and reasoning couldn’t possibly be a factor.

A lot can be said about John Sununu.  He’s a Romney surrogate and I personally had a big problem with him when he unfairly attacked Newt Gingrich during the primary.  However; it needs to be pointed out that Sununu later went on to suggest that he believed Powell’s endorsement of Obama was about issues.

But assuming Sununu really believed that Powell endorsed Obama on the basis of race, is that any different than any liberal (black or white) claiming that any American will vote for or support Romney because of his race, too?  In fact, the AP has to craft a bunch of loaded questions days before a presidential election to do the same thing Mr. Harris accuses Sununu of doing.  I don’t think that making an observation or judgment call necessarily qualifies or implies racism — especially when its done to conservatives all the time.

Also, Mr. Harris seems to forget Harry Reid’s racist remarks about Obama’s “negro dialect” and skin tone.  He acknowledges the fact of liberal racism in general, but won’t get specific this close to a national election where the most liberal president in history is about to lose his job.  Coincidence?

He then gets to Governor Palin:

Sarah Palin’s “shuck and jive” comment was another thinly veiled harkening to the stereotype of the shiftless and lazy negro.

Again, while Mr. Harris attempted to come off as reasoned, he’d rather paint Governor Palin as a racist American than to acknowledge the reasoned arguments against this specific charge of racism found here, here, and here.

Nor does he go on to acknowledge President Obama’s own Press Secretary’s use of the term.  Also, no mention of ultra-liberal and Obama supporter Chris Matthews and his multiple use of the term as well.

The truth is that white liberals in 2008 like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid welcomed Obama with open arms because he served as their vehicle to accomplish their ultra-left wingery.  They knew that any opposition would be branded as racist.  Those very policies have been implemented and have made life far more grave and miserable for Black Americans across the country.  Thus, many Black Americans who want to build independent lives for themselves and their children have been forced into dire circumstances by design of liberals who need their votes.  I do not believe they want to be dependent on the government, but I do believe that liberals of all stripes want them to be.

While true racism sadly continues to exist in America, it has nothing to do with wanting a government that lives within its means or a president who really will work across the aisle to put our country back on the right track.

But just as President Obama’s policies have resulted in dire consequences for Americans of every ethnicity, his apologists and their overplaying of the race card continue to make the charge of racism dangerously ineffective. It’s one thing to deal with folks who will say anything to help a failed president get re-elected.  But it’s quite another when an act of true racism occurs and it’s overlooked as a consequence of the left’s cheap use of the charge as a desperate political tool.

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