An Emotional Pat Caddell Lashes Out at the Media

Over the weekend Pat Caddell, who once worked for and supported Jimmy Carter, became very emotional and expressed massive dismay toward the Obama administration and their surrogates in the media over their coverups and attempts to mislead the American people about Benghazi.  Appearing with Justice Jeanine Piro, Caddell labeled the media as threats to our Democracy and as enemies of the American people.

No doubt, Caddell hits the nail on the head.  I knew the Obama lapdog media was shameless but this particular election has taken the cake.  No respect for our finest and fallen.  No regard for their families.  No respect for the people.  This comes with other desperate attempts by the media to either A.) Make excuses for Obama’s many failures.  B.) Make excuses for what appears to be an increasingly likely Obama defeat or C.) Manufacture phony momentum.

If the AP isn’t releasing polls telling Americans that the majority of them are racist, Reuters is busy releasing polls that seem very different from the others available for anyone to see at Real Clear Politics.

No doubt, Americans deserve a new path.  After we fire Obama, we need to fire the media.

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