Rick Moran | Under pressure frome Dems, Gallup fiddles with sample

Talk  about putting a thumb on the scale…

Weekly  Standard:

Since  about the beginning of President Obama’s tenure, the Gallup poll  has generally  been one of the least positive polls for the Democratic  party. This has  prompted outrage and pressure from the left–even from presidential advisor David  Axelrod.

Over  the summer Mark Blumenthal of Huffington Postwrote a  critique of Gallup’s daily presidential job  approval poll. The point of  which was that Gallup was over-sampling whites and  thus understating  President Obama’s position in the adult population. I responded by  arguing that Blumenthal’s case was underdeveloped and less-than-met-the-eye, and  that was basically where things stood.

Until,  that is, this week. President Obama enjoyed a  bounce in his Gallup job approval  number after the Democratic National  Convention, as was to be expected, but  there was a twist: it did not  disappear. And while Gallup on average had found  Obama’s job approval  around 47 percent with adults through most of 2012, for  the last five  weeks it has been regularly above 50 percent. Yesterday, it stood  at 53  percent, a number we have not really seen since  2009.


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