Urban Institute: Obamacare is a “deeply conservative … market-based system that would make Ronald Reagan happy”

Via The Hill, this is so sublimely preposterous that I can’t think of anything to say. I’m literally speechless, and that doesn’t happen very often. Therefore I’ll simply post this absurdity and let you all have your say in the comments:

President Obama’s healthcare reform law is a market-based system that would make Ronald Reagan happy, the Urban Institute argues in a new paper.

More than two years after it was signed, the Affordable Care Act still under fierce attack on the campaign trail. But the Urban Institute says the basic premise of all that controversy is flawed — the law simply isn’t that liberal, the paper says.

“The ACA is a direct descendant of the ‘pro-competitive’ reform strategy of the Reagan era, which also proposed to structure competition among private health plans to expand coverage and promote better value,” authors Randall Bovbjerg and Stan Dorn wrote.


“This approach is a deeply conservative one, classically espoused by President Reagan’s Commission on Ethics in Medicine.”

Update: (h/t Bart Ely) While we’re on the subject of Obamacare, enjoy this short video:

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