Video: Governor Palin on America’s News HQ; Updated

Shannon Bream of Fox News’ America’s News HQ did a rather interesting interview with Governor Palin today, covering a lot of ground in a little time. The interview was spent answering questions people had posed on Twitter, including one from Ron Devito, avid supporter of the Governor, who asked about something near and dear to the Governor’s heart: her son, Trig.

Topics on the table were the vice presidential debate, advice she’d give Mitt Romney, whether she’d take a particular job in a Romney administration, and if she is planning to run for President. To that last question, she stated that she is still considering a future run, as she believes her experience can prove an asset nationally.

At about four minutes into the interview, Bream asked a question that caused Governor Palin to come as close to blushing as I’ve ever seen her, but the audio broke up at that point, and I cannot figure out what the question was. Whatever it was, the Governor seemed a bit unsure of how to answer it, and said, “I probably should be doing more.” I got the feeling the question included something complimentary that caught her off guard. Shannon Bream moved things along by suggesting the answer might be “classified information.” I’m sure the interview will be available elsewhere online, and we will soon know what that question was.

Enjoy, courtesy of SarahNET:

Update: According to Sue Lynn, the question was how many sit ups is she able to do. No wonder she was caught off guard: She’s answering questions about the state of the union and presidential politics, and a question about sit ups is thrown in there!

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