Why Should Benghazi Matter?

Here is the monologue from my latest show:

Why should Benghazi matter? I’ve been stewing about that for the last month or so. I was horrified to see the pictures of Christopher Stevens being dragged out of the building in the aftermath of the attack. Worse yet is thinking about what they did to him in the 3 hours it took before he reached the hospital. I’ve heard some stories, but really don’t want to know anything further. It’s just too heartbreaking.

As more information comes to light, we now know how much of a hero Christopher Stephens and his staff were. They knew that security was bad, but traveled to Benghazi anyway, to help evacuate those staffing the consulate.

The conduct of the Obama administration in the immediate aftermath of Benghazi was absolutely deplorable. What’s even worse, it continues to this day.

I’ve always felt that Obama was motivated strictly by ideology and has never cared about what the United States really stands for. The breaching of our Embassy in Egypt and the attack on our consulate in Benghazi proves it. To immediately fault our freedom of speech by blaming some stupid video on the events is appalling. Mitt Romney was absolutely correct in reacting how he did and should never feel the need to apologize. Unfortunately, that’s all that Obama seems willing to do: apologize for our freedom of speech and by extension, the love of liberty that our country was founded on.

I recently had a conversation with Congressman Michael Burgess of Texas in the days following the tragedy in Benghazi. His anger and dismay was palpable. I’ll revisit his comments in a few minutes, because I think it’s important to understand how the events in Libya affected not only me, but members of the United States Congress.

To listen to Joe Biden’s comments during last week’s debate with Paul Ryan, it underscores how totally out of touch he and Obama are with what it means to be an American. They can’t accept any responsibility for the tragedy because they truly don’t feel responsible for defending our values. To even suggest that Barack Obama has our national security as his utmost goal is laughable at best and an obscene lie at worst. Biden’s ensuing behavior during the debate left me with no doubt as to which end of that spectrum he is on.

I truly believe that in his heart, Obama was thrilled to characterize the events in Benghazi as bumps in the road, knowing that those events further his agenda to bring the United States down a peg or two in the eyes of radical Islamists. His insistence on apologizing for some idiotic video tells you how much he’s in synch with their way of thinking. I can’t fathom a President of the United States thinking that way. To me, the only proper reaction is to crush those that act in such a way that’s abhorrent to our beliefs and principles. Let there be no mistake, radical Islam must be defeated and eliminated from the face of the earth if we are ever to progress as a race.

So, why does Benghazi matter? It matters because our response defines us as a nation of freedom-loving people. Anything other than an absolute defense of our values is a slap in the face to our Founders, our veterans and our way of life.

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