A Message from SarahPAC; Updated

The treasurer of SarahPAC, Tim Crawford, sent the following e-mail:


On behalf of all of those we supported together, we would like to express our sincere appreciation for your patriotism, support, and dedication during our shared efforts this election cycle.

Our conservative movement continues, and we share with you the successes of the candidates you made it possible to support.

In 2010, with your efforts, we supported 90 great candidates and worked to elect over 50 new commonsense conservative leaders to Congress and state legislatures across our nation. Your support was critical to these initiatives and was achieved with the leadership of people like you, who share values and a responsibility to our nation.

The 2012 election provided the opportunity to build on that success, and we thank you for making possible the only Republican pick-up in the U.S. Senate. This change would not have been possible without your direct support.

This cycle, with your help, we worked to intensify support for grassroots and commonsense candidates in primaries who successfully took on challengers in their bids to bring those ideals to the Senate. Now elected, these new leaders will fight for constitutional principles and fiscal discipline. With your support, we also worked to return proven leaders to Washington to assure steady hands remain at the forefront and whose mentorship will be the guiding force to these new conservative Senators.

As 2012 draws to a close and the next opportunity looms on the horizon, our joint efforts remain crucial. The power brokers in Washington will still look for the easy path with candidates – those they know and that are habitual candidates.

We will never stop identifying and supporting local commonsense conservatives with strong messages who understand the need to put people over politics, principals over promises, and ideals over self interests.

You will always be the core and the guide and we are proud and thankful to join with you.


Tim Crawford
Treasurer, SarahPAC

Update by Doug: The 2014 mid-terms will be crucial to America’s future. Typically an incumbent president’s party suffers significant mid-term losses in his second term as the “six-year itch” sets in.  Two recent examples are 1986 when Ronald Reagan lost the Senate and 2006 when George W. Bush lost both the House and the Senate. The Republicans could have a big year in 2014. Democrats have a tough Senate map to defend, and the Republicans should be able to win back a lot of the House eats they barely lost 2 weeks ago since Obama’s GOTV machine will be greatly diminished without Obama at the top of the ticket. We need Allen West back in Congress.

Nothing Obama is doing will improve America’s fiscal crisis, moribund economy, and crippling energy prices. Two years from now, the same dynamic that existed in 2010 will be in play in 2014 and there’s no reason we can’t have another Palin-led 2010-style blowout. But nothing is for sure. Keep in mind Republicans faced a similarly favorable Senate map this year and as recently as late 2011 were considered a shoo-in to retake the upper body. But when the dust cleared, the GOP was down two Senate seats. We can’t let that happen again. It’s never too early to begin the process of identifying and recruiting quality candidates to carry Governor Palin’s message of limited, constitutional government. To ensure we field the best possible candidate in 2014, go to SarahPAC and donate early and often. They’ll put the money to far greater use than any of these clowns will. The next election cycle began 14 days ago. Let’s get the ball rolling today.

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