@AGUGrizzlies: American Grizzlies United Candidates: 43 Wins And 20 Losses

AGU 2012 General Election Candidates = 20 Losses, 43 Wins!

Congratulations to all the American Grizzlies United 2012 General Election Candidates!

Every single AGU candidate deserves to be commended for having the courage to take a stand for America, and for answering the call of duty. This was a particularly difficult election cycle to run in. Compared to the historic 2010 election cycle, enthusiasm was extremely low in 2012.

Yet by coming together, grassroots volunteers helped these candidates win. With all the finger pointing going on now with the #GOPe, about the unfortunate losses of many GOP candidates, there is one place where the finger of success can be pointed at…YOU!

Regular concerned Americans, without the help of political consultants, took matters into their own hands and decided to #WiseItUp. A coalition of ordinary people made phone calls, walked precincts, organized rallies, emailed, tweeted, and texted the electorate to bring victory to these candidates!

Here is a list of the AGU Candidates who won on election day 2012:

Renee Elmers NC-2 US House

Pat McCrory NC-Governor

Dan Forest NC-Lt Governor

Kelly Hancock TX-9 State Assembly

Deb Fischer NE-US Senate

David Bradley TX-7 Board of Education

Ted Cruz TX-US Senate

Orrin Hatch UT-US Senate

Dr. Donna Campbell TX-25 State Assembly

Vicky Hartzler MO-4 US House

Ted Yoho FL-3 US House

Paul Gosar AZ-4 US House

Jeff Flake AZ-US Senate

Blake Farenthold TX-7 US House

Cory Gardner CO-4 US House

Scott Tipton CO-3 US House

Martha Roby AL-2 US House

Adam Kinzinger IL-6 US House

Randy Hultgren IL-14 US House

Mike Kelly PA-3 US House

Alan Nunnelee MS-1 US House

Mick Mulvaney SC-5 US House

Roger Wicker MS-US Senate

Robert Hurt VA-5 US House

Marsha Blackburn TN-7 US House

Jim Renacci OH-16 US House

Todd Young IN-9 US House

Bill Flores TX-16 US House

Steve Southerland FL-2 US House

David McKinley WV-1 US House

Sean Duffy WI-7 US House

Steve Fincher TN-8 US House

Tim Scott SC-1 US House

Tim Griffin AR-2 US House

David Schweikert AZ-6 US House

Cathy McMorris Rodgers WA-5 US House

Michele Bachmann MN-6 US House

Steve Pearce NM-2 US House

Larry Bucshon TN-8 US House

Diane Black TN-6 US House

Mike Fitzpatrick PA-8 US House

Jackie Walorski IN-2 US House

Bill Johnson OH-6 US House

It’s been a long election cycle and these victories are something to be proud of. Many people took time out of their lives and worked tirelessly for love of country, not money.

A special thanks to all the American Grizzlies United State Coordinators who rallied their ground teams to help these candidates. Thank you for your hard work. All of you have made a difference that will continue for generations to come. (And a very special Grizzly thank you to Kevin Scholla AGU-PA State Coordinator, and Ron Devito AGU-NY State Coordinator, for the time spent on researching the AGU loss/wins)

Before we know it the 2014 midterms will be here. Once again concerned Americans will rise and become the engaged citizenry America needs. Our republic will have sudden and relentless reform: One election cycle at a time.

Thank you for your hard work and congratulations to all the AGU candidates.

Our work continues.


Chairman; American Grizzlies United

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