Ann Coulter: Romney “was the perfect candidate”

Yep, she really said that to an incredulous Laura Ingraham:

COULTER: I think Romney ran just on his own force of will, a magnificent  campaign. I think he was the perfect candidate.

INGRAHAM: Are you kidding me?  You think he ran a magnificent campaign?


INGRAHAM: On what  basis are you saying that? He got his clock cleaned. How did he run a  magnificent campaign, Ann? I can’t believe Ann Coulter, who is a truth-teller on  issues from the economy to social issues to racial demagoguery is saying that  Romney ran a magnificent campaign with Eric Fehrnstrom and Stu Stevens at the  helm. How can you possibly conclude that?

The funny thing is that it was less than two years ago when she said if Romney was nominated, he’d lose to Obama. But that was before she began attacking Governor Palin and saying really nutty things like Romneycare is a great conservative program and Governor Palin, not Mitt Romney, is an establishment candidate.  Am I the only one who can’t take Coulter seriously any more?

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