Chicago Tribune | Imagine if Hamas was backed by a nuclear Iran

Think the Middle East is a complicated and dangerous neighborhood now? On the day that Iran declares to the world that it has bulled through Western red lines and is capable of building its first nuclear bomb, the Middle East will become immensely more dangerous and unstable. That day might be months — not years — off.

In the past few days, we’ve learned that Iran has completed the installation of centrifuges at its underground nuclear fortress. That means Tehran now has the capability to double its production of medium-enriched uranium in the next months, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency. Tehran could accumulate a bomb’s worth of uranium by mid-2013.

A nuclear Iran would cement the fanatical mullahs in power and threaten U.S. allies such as Saudi Arabia. It could set off a regional nuclear arms race. Iran, with nuclear weapons to back its bluster, would be more than a dire threat to Israel. It would embolden militants and terrorists sponsored by Iran.


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