Election Results Open Thread; PLUS…Haiku? Bless You!; Updated; Update II: Obama takes Michigan and PA

First polls close at 7pm.   This post will be updated as the evening progresses.

I’m sure some might be inclined to pay attention to the exit polling data, none of which I know by the way, and I have to wonder why given not only past experience but the knowledge that information like this will be skewed to dissuade GOP turnout.

In fact…I came across this funny tweet that I had to share with y’all:

This got me to thinking.  Why not have a little fun while we wait?  Freaking out certainly doesn’t help!

And thus, I bring you…election haiku.

Here’s the first, which I came across yesterday on Twitter:

Economy sucks,
Obama wants four more years,
When Pigs learn to fly.


I shared this with my mother, who giggled and wrote her own:

We’ve told all we know
Go vote him out of office
the power is yours!


And here now are a few of mine:

America’s choice:
Failure, bitterness and blame…
Or prosperity.


Romney not ideal
Obama is a train wreck
Not a real tough choice.


Just who supports O?
Morons, racists, communists.
Don’t be like Tingles.


Governor Palin
Calls us all to our duty.
Vote to remove O.


Down ballot races
Just as important as Pres.
Even more so now.


Why vote for Romney?
O equals failure, despair.
Freedom rocks. Go Vote!


Why vote Obama?
I enjoy dependency.
Pay for my junk, yo.


Can you haiku?  It’s simple!  It’s just three lines long, but the structure is very specific.  5 syllables for the first line, 7 for the second and 5 for the third.

Go ahead and post your election haiku below (make sure it’s not inappropriate y’all) so we can all have a laugh while we wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Update by Doug: Politico created this helpful graphic which indicates what time the polls close in each state:

As Andrew Beaujon reports, the coveted exit polling data to which Mary Beth refers above had been locked up in a ‘quarantine room’ at 11:00 AM and released to the major news organizations at 5:00 PM. Nothing specific, however, can be released by the media until the polls close in each state:

At 11 a.m. today, representatives from the consortium of news organizations that sponsor the National Election Pool will enter a “quarantine room,” where they’ll look at data gathered via exit polls,Michael Calderone reports.

Six hours later, staffers will be permitted to start sending data to their respective news organizations, while additional exit polls, especially on the West Coast, keep coming in.

The news orgs represented — ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox and the AP — can report general trends but cannot report the results of exit polls until the polls close. Anne Cronin at Politico has made a handy map showing the times at which the individual states’ polls close.

Reuters reporter Lisa Richwine says the quarantine room lacks phone or Internet access. At 5 p.m., the quarantine will lift, and the representatives will be able to share their data with their respective organizations. Project for Excellence in Journalism director Tom Rosenstiel tells Richwine that if the data leaks early, “with Internet penetration and the speed of social media, that (data) would be known pretty widely.”

Once the polls close, the various “experts” each network employs will combine the exit polling data with the actual vote as it comes in and use that data to “call” the election in each state when they feel confident enough to do so. For my money, the best in the business at making those judgments is Michael Barone. He knows the electoral map like no other, right down to the county and precinct level in the key battleground states. He’s anchored election night coverage for Fox News for years, and if I could only watch one media personality tonight, it would be him. Four days ago Barone predicted a Romney victory by an electoral vote margin of 315 – 223. If, after analyzing the actual vote as it’s reported in this evening, he begins backtracking on his prediction, Romney will probably be in for a long night. If, on the other hand, Barone finds the data supports his prediction, Obama will likely be heading back to the streets of Chicago on January 20th.

We will be providing additional updates throughout the evening as warranted.

Update II: Fox News has called both Michigan and Pennsylvania for Obama.


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