In the Name of Principle, Let’s Commit National Suicide

Ah…America.  It was a good run, no?

But alas, for some at least, the time has come to move on to other things.

You see, we didn’t end up with a Conservative GOP nominee like so many had hoped for.  We didn’t get someone along the lines of Governor Sarah Palin or Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich to represent our party and our interests.

Thus, some have decided that the destruction of our Republic is a much more tolerable course than setting aside what truly are at this juncture irrelevant animosities.  No, it’s more important to nurse those wounds and to stay bitter…to fiddle with various and sundry grievances and work ourselves into such a lather that we feel justified…

…in sitting on the sidelines during the most crucial battle of our times.

Please understand…I’m not calling anyone out here since, indeed, I’ve read similar comments elsewhere that led to this OpEd.

And regardless of the somewhat snarky tone in which the preceding was written, I hold no anger toward those who are struggling with this issue.

In truth, I too struggled.  I even outlined my struggle on this site and in fact even on the post I wrote on what happened to be my birthday, my support for the ticket was somewhat qualified.  I’ve even joked on this site and elsewhere that “Obama has to go more than Romney sucks” and for my way of thinking, that’s the truth of it.

And so, I hold no animus for those who are working out and make the kind of deliberations that I too was forced to make.

I only suggest that you have an extremely limited amount of time to get to where America needs you to be.

Everyone here knows how damaging Obama is for America and what he’d do with the chance to put two or more judges on the Supreme Court.

Or how he’d treat our military, those currently in service as well as those retired from the field.

Or how he’d handle issues regarding energy independence, intrusive federal regulations, expansion of the dependent class, race relations and the destruction of the private sector.

My only point to those with qualms about Romney, legitimate as many may be, is this…

This election is a referendum on Barack Obama and his disastrous policies.  This election is not about Mitt Romney.

Once the primary cycle ended, any discussion regarding the items in Romney’s con column or Romney’s conservatism or lack thereof was necessarily tabled.  Not because we believe the hype or because we’ve been bought off or cowed or because we no longer believe in the reform measures Governor Palin has fastidiously outlined over the last few years…

…but because WE DO.

And the first and most vitally important step that we absolutely must take on the path to reform is to remove Barack Obama from office.  Period.

Consider this.  We believe so much in relentless reform that we’re willing to vote for a less than perfect candidate in order to get there, or rather in the terminology President Obama used to refer to the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, a “less than optimal” candidate.

Past is prologue as Governor Palin reminded us last night when she called us all to do our duty; and so we know how Obama would carry on should he be re-elected.  We know what he’ll do…we know what the cost will be.

And the cost is too high.

So, once we had a nominee, everything else was necessarily put to the side in order to deal with the primary issue at hand.  Not ignored or forgotten…merely set temporarily apart in the name of a strategic détente.

Pulling the lever for Mitt tomorrow doesn’t mean you abide by his record nor does it mean that you’re wildly impressed by his tactics or his rhetoric.

It means only that you recognize the wholly unique value he holds as the single means to remove Obama.  You recognize that he is the current standard bearer, imperfect though he may be, for the conservative agenda against a political adversary that despises the core principles that make America great and seems hell bent on tearing America down.

I know folks bristle at what I’m about to say and please understand, I’m not saying this to incite or anger; but it is a statement of fact.  Perhaps the anger and push back stem from perhaps a subconscious recognition of this reality:

If you do not vote for Romney tomorrow, you are operationally supporting the re-election efforts of Barack Obama.  Passively supporting Obama, but supporting him nonetheless.

For any conservatives out there who are worth their salt who are considering this course of action, that’s got to be enough to give them pause.

And so I ask, rather than lashing out in an instinctive need to react to the truth presented, please mull that thought over in your minds and understand what it means to you and to the rest of the country.

Now is not the time for summer soldiers and sunshine patriots who only fight when the battle is to their liking and is on their terms.

Now is the time for all patriots to take up our metaphorical arms and defend our beloved Republic and the principles of our founding.

You have the chance to do that tomorrow…to lob deadly, targeted ordnance at Obama’s re-election prospects.  That ordnance, your vote, will do untold damage.  If enough of us do it, we live to fight another day.  If not…well, I’ll leave you to fill in that blank as you consider what a second Obama term would mean to you and to our nation.

So what say you?  Will you stand and fight?  Will you be the Paul and Paulette Reveres of our time?

Or will you sit on the sidelines and do nothing when your Republic needs you most?

Your decision will have national and international repercussions so for the sake of this and future generations…please choose wisely.


“If the people fail to vote, a government will be developed which is not their government… The whole system of American Government rests on the ballot box. Unless citizens perform their duties there, such a system of government is doomed to failure.”     President Calvin Coolidge








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