LA Times | Young voters no longer inspired by President Hopenchange

Luke DeGregori, a University of Colorado physics student, is typical. The lanky 19-year-old couldn’t vote four years ago, but remembers the enthusiasm surrounding Obama’s historic candidacy. His parents had a yard sign outside their Denver home and Obama bumper stickers on both their cars. Today, DeGregori, a Democrat, drives one of those cars and keeps the bumper sticker “because I still kind of support Obama.”

He is disappointed, though, that the president turned out to be “just another conformist politician.”

“Most friends I know are kind of like me,” DeGregori said, pausing between decorating classrooms for a campus Halloween party. “They’re going to vote for Obama, but it’s not an enthusiastic vote. It’s just we prefer Obama over Romney.”

For young people, like most others, the economy has been the overriding issue of the campaign. National unemployment in September was 11.8% for those ages 18 to 29, higher for 18- to 24-year-olds and higher still for youth lacking a high school or college diploma. (The overall jobless rate was 7.8%.)


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