Newt Gingrich on Romney’s ‘Gifts’ Comment

Newt Gingrich took an opportunity to express mass displeasure at Mitt Romney’s explanation to campaign donors who said he lost because Obama gave gifts to voters.

Gingrich factually pointed out that Obama won over Romney with Asians by an even higher margin than he did with Hispanics and pointed out that Asians were indeed some of the hardest working Americans who utilize this country’s unique opportunity for the individual in a way that many others have not.

Speaker Gingrich is right.  The people want a reason to be inspired with a bold choice from what they have.  By making such statements to wealthy donors on more than one occasion, Governor Romney and the high-powered politicos in the business who forced him on us in the primary have set the party of freedom back a few decades.

Beware as they work hard to convince you within the next year that Marco Rubio or Chris Christie are who we need to really pull it off in 2016.

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