Redstate | Campaign Sources: The Romney Campaign was a Consultant Con Job

“The brain trust of the Romney campaign was so arrogant that they refused to change strategy.  It was clear in June were SOL,” said one email.

Another source that closely studied the Obama campaigns GOTV efforts as compared to ORCA said bluntly that “the Obama training manuals made ORCA look like a drunken monkey slapped together a powerpoint” adding that we must duplicate and improve what they accomplished to have any hope for the 2014 & 2016 ground game.

But the failures in what was described as a “tightly wound consultant culture” didn’t stop there.

Stu Stevens of the Stevens and Schriefer Group was said to not be chasing poll numbers with the media buy strategy and appeared instead to be doing little more than “throwing darts at a dartboard.”  At best using false numbers provided by ORCA; at worst milking the cash cow of the Romney campaign.


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