A leader who does not hesitate before sending his nation to battle is not fit to be a leader.  -Golda Meir

Governor Palin has always been open about her belief in supporting Israel.  Today, as Operation Pillar of Defense continued, rockets continued to rain down on Southern Israel – now those rockets are being fired from Egypt.  Mohammad Morsi, the Egyptian president and member of the Muslim Brotherhood so heavily backed by President Obama (to the point that American tax dollars have been given to the Muslim Brotherhood as they take power in Egypt), recalled the Egyptian ambassador to Israel in protest and sent his prime minister to the Gaza Strip in a show of solidarity with the Palestinians.

Where is the President while this is going on?

Rather than offering to help the Israelis defend themselves from self-declared terrorists, he’s trying to talk Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu into finding a way to de-escalate the conflict.  He’s paying lip service to Israel’s right to self-defense, but he still hasn’t made a public statement about the reports of rockets now being fired from Egypt.  He hasn’t called on Morsi to stop his protest.  The best he’s done so far is have a spokeswoman from the State Department, Victoria Nuland, give a statement that ended with, “…it’s certainly not benefiting the cause of regional stability.”

The Jerusalem Post reported today that more than 200 rockets were fired from Gaza and Egypt – less than half were intercepted by the Iron Dome.  While Palestinian authorities are saying that 24 people have died in the bombing runs by the IAF (Israeli Air Force) and the Israeli navy, nobody has asked one of the most important questions in response: how many Israelis would have died if all hundred of those rockets had hit their targets?

Hamas and Islamic Jihad, both of whom are responsible for this round of attacks, have been honing their rockets with each one fired.  This year alone, they’ve fired more than one thousand rockets into Israel; Israel has to keep air raid sirens on constant alert for possible rocket attacks, and today was the first time that those sirens sounded in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.  They’ve even bragged that they’ve “upgraded” some of their rocket designs.  For three days, constant rocket fire has kept Israelis on edge.

It is true we have won all our wars, but we have paid for them.  We don’t want victories anymore.  -Golda Meir

What President Obama and his cabinet apparently miss is a gigantic, glaring issue: the Palestinians are not, and never were, interested in stability in the region.  They will never be happy until Israel is destroyed and Islam rules the area completely.  The continuing failure on the part of liberals to grasp this concept is dangerous not only to Israel, but to her allies – including us.

What’s more, the mind-numbing ignorance of the hard left came out in full force when reality star Kim Kardashian tweeted a simple phrase: “praying for everyone in Israel.”  Fans, followers and pro-Palestinian nutjobs instantly attacked her, even wishing her death for mentioning that she would pray for Israel.  Not even offering that she was praying for the Palestinians, too, was enough; they called her “idiotic” and “uninformed” (and those were the nicer responses).

The American Left is absolutely clueless about Israel and the Mideast conflict.  It’s getting ridiculous.

For starters, Palestine has never existed as a nation.  Never.  Even during the time when Romans ruled the area, while it may have been referred to as Palestina, it was always a region inhabited by Bedouin tribes that had no central government nor any rule of law.  The Bedouins were farmers – a life that Muslims saw as extremely low.  When the Muslim Empire performed their hostile takeover in 634 AD, those tribes they didn’t murder were only protected because the inhabitants were Muslims as well – but the Hadith admonished the conquerers not to settle in those villages, because living among the farmers (who were beneath them) would be like living in a grave.

The region never once saw stability after that.  Crusaders took it, then Saladin took it back.  The Mongols took it, then the Ottomans took it.  The Mamluks and the Ottomans fought over it, and the Ottomans won; they were dissolved, however, after their defeat during WWI.  The Ottomans fell after supporting the Germans during the war.  It was the British who came in and took over – even then, the area wasn’t really a nation.  It was still tribal and untamed.  It was in 1917 that the British created the Palestinian Mandate.  By that time, both Muslims and Jews lived in the region, but a movement had begun to re-establish the Nation of Israel.  The Muslims in the area staged several revolts during the time (because, you know, they just can’t stand Western influence), though to no avail.  At the end of WWII, when the far-reaching crimes of Shoah (known to most as the Holocaust) were fully discovered, an agreement was made: there needed to be an independent Jewish state.  Originally, a large swath of land was supposed to be given to the Jews.  Members of the UN who were still antisemitic, though, protested; 80% of the area went to the Muslims in the area (that area is known as Jordan), and the remaining sliver was established as the State of Israel in 1948.

We do not rejoice in victories.  We rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown and when strawberries bloom in Israel.  -Golda Meir

The fledgling Israeli government offered full citizenship and all the benefits that come with it to everyone – Muslim, Jew, Christian or Atheist.  They didn’t force anyone out of their homes.  Neighboring Muslim nations, however, expelled every Jew within their borders – often forcing them to gather only what they could carry and leave on foot.  Then began the war, one that according to military strategy should have pulverized the new country within hours.  They prevailed, though, and Israel still stands today.  Israelis have made the desert bloom with advanced drip irrigation that makes use of previously barren soil.  Israeli researchers have come up with some incredible inventions that the world has benefited from (among them advanced medications to treat diseases such as multiple sclerosis, advancements in physical therapy, the USB drive, nanowire, the laser keyboard, and a straw that changes colors when an alcoholic beverage has been drugged).

Hamas has given the world…Kassam rockets and suicide bombers.

Israel has stood proudly against indignities that other nations would have screamed bloody murder over, and they’ve hoped for peace throughout it all.  During the 90’s, thousands of innocent Israelis died at the hands of Palestinian jihadists who carried out suicide bombings and mass shootings at bar mitzvahs, bus stops and ice cream parlors.  They did so without prejudice, killing even women and children because they are Jews.  To stop the carnage, Israel had to close off Palestinian neighborhoods and closely monitor everything coming in and out.  Now they live in fear of rockets raining down on them.

Israel has every right to exist, and they have a right to live in peace.  If that peace can only be found on the other side of war, so be it – at least the Israelis actually care about not killing civilians.  Hamas uses them as human shields.  How anyone can accuse Israel of apartheid is a complete mystery to me.

We will have peace with the Arabs when they love their children more than they hate us.  -Golda Meir

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