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I read an article by Michelle Malkin a month or so ago where she announced that Obama had specifically asked companies providing work for defense contracts – like Boeing and Lockheed Martin – to hold off on their layoff notices until after the election.  Incredibly, the scuttlebutt was that Obama had even offered to cover legal costs for those defense contractors who didn’t provide at least 60 days’ notice of a mass layoff action as required by law.

Yesterday, Boeing announced that they will slash 30% of their management, close facilities in California and begin a massive restructuring that could result in thousands of workers being laid off next year.  Lockheed Martin did only slightly better; they’ll be booting 25% of their management team.  A host of other companies, including Groupon, Westinghouse, US Cellular, Bristol Myers Squibb, St. Jude, and Caterpillar have all announced major layoffs in the past 48 hours.

That’s aside from the fact that small business owners have taken to Twitter to announce that they won’t be able to afford to keep all of their employees – some won’t even be able to stay in business at all.

Energizer will lay off 1,500.  Hawker Beechcraft will lay off 400.  Pepsi has announced a whopping 4,000 to be let go and they’ll be putting an end to their 401(k) matching program.  A total of about 45 major businesses have announced layoffs since the end of the election this past Tuesday, and it only seems to be getting worse.

Even more telling: President Obama refused to give the traditional post-election press conference.  He claimed exhaustion and disappeared down his rabbit hole while his spokesmen promised that he would give comments on the economy at a later time.  The press is altogether ignoring the news, pretending that the markets haven’t been taking a beating for the past two days.  Why would they tell the truth?  Their messiah got re-elected.  Whether they are ignoring reality or hoping that things will improve once Obama begins to really flex his socialist muscle, they are not willing to admit that four years of abysmally failed fiscal policies are about to turn into eight years of unabated misery.

All of this comes after dismal reports on pending layoffs had come through and were NEVER reported by anyone in the MSM.  Stryker, the company that makes a lot of the equipment that is used on ambulances (along with a host of other medical devices, including artificial joints), announced they were issuing pink slips to around 1,000 employees to offset the costs of new Obamacare taxes levied on medical devices.  The company that makes the AED’s used by paramedics (Automated External Defibrillators) said that the new tax would cost them upwards of $10 million annually and would likely discourage future hiring.  EMS agencies all over the country have been dealing with marked drug shortages; my rig currently has standing orders to use alternates to certain vital drugs, including a drug that we have been using for years to treat diabetic emergencies.  Some agencies are even keeping expired drugs in supply because there is either a shortage of the alternative or they can’t afford the alternative.

Obama’s only defense is that he “inherited this mess”, yet he can’t explain how all of the mess I’ve just described happened after he’d been in office for two years.  None of his supporters can explain it, either – then again, they can’t even properly articulate facts on what comprises our government, so I don’t have any hope that they know what the Constitution actually says (we all know Tingles doesn’t know).  One of my teenage relatives has been telling me what her classmates are saying, and none of them have so much as a marginal grasp on the issues.  Many of them supported Obama because he’s black, and others were convinced that Romney was going to make abortion and contraceptives illegal.  Many even said they wanted their parents to be able to keep collecting food stamps, and they believed Romney was going to end the program because he didn’t care about the poor.  None of these things are true, but we now have Bill Maher comparing us all to Nazis.

I guess they have to find some way to sleep at night.

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