So, Who Should Lead Conservatives?

I asked the question in my last post, “I believe that a strong, conservative 3rd party can add to those [conservative] numbers in 2014 and beyond, paving the way for a renewal of our constitutional principles and dedicated to equal opportunity for all. The question becomes: Who will lead the charge?”

A 3rd party, you ask? Doesn’t that mean certain defeat for the GOP? My response is, how much worse could it get? What has the GOP done for conservatism in recent history? They redefined it as “compassionate conservatism”, which ended up being just another head-fake to grow government and bail-out Wall Street and the auto industry. They marginalized the Tea Party at this year’s Republican National Convention, despite the fact that the Tea Party handed them control of the House of Representatives.

Questions are being floated all over the place as to who might be the next leader of the Republican Party. Marco Rubio? Rand Paul? Nikki Haley? Bobby Jindal? Susana Martinez? Jeb Bush?!!!

WHO CARES WHAT THE PUNDITS THINK?! They gave us Romney and around 3 million conservatives stayed home on election day! (Hello, Ann Coulter……)

I want to know who’s going to lead all the conservatives in this country, because we definitely outnumber the libs!

It certainly ain’t the Republican Party!

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