Speaking of ‘Unheard of’ Approval Ratings

Over at the Huffington Post, they’re more than happy to tout Chris Christie’s “unheard of” 72% approval ratings which come after Hurricane Sandy.  I don’t suppose it could have anything to do with the fact that he rubbed noses with Obama just a few days before a national election, thereby pleasing many of the liberals in his very blue state, would it?

But of course, Palin supporters like the fabulous Whitney Pitcher have facts, rationality, and data on their side:

As always, Whitney is spot on.  You see, when a public servant like Governor Palin reaches out to Democrats, it’s done in a way that is fiscally sound and makes sense for a government’s long term.  She doesn’t stop to pose for photos, she simply rolls up her sleeves and gets to work.  She inspires even those on the left to join the conservative cause of combating corruption, entrenched special interests, and crony capitalism.

As such, Governor Palin earned a record 93% approval rating while doing her job and it had nothing to do with showing photographic affection for the man responsible for misleading Americans on Benghazi, for rising unemployment, and for adding six trillion dollars to our debt in four years.


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