Tuesday’s Senate Races

As Election Day approaches, many are getting involved to assist in our mission to fire Barack Obama.  There are many things you can do right now to help make that a reality.  One big thing is making a donation to SarahPAC today.  Another is to call any friends you may have in battleground states to encourage them to get out and vote – and explain the consequences of four more years under the Obama administration.  These include but are not limited to, less energy production, more growing debt, more swelling of government, and a probable stay of Obamacare.

You can also contact the friends in the following states also holding important elections for the United States Senate.

A quick recap:

Arizona: Jeff Flake (R) vs. Richard Carmona (D)

According to the latest Rasmussen Poll, Flake is ahead by six points.  In these final days, his opponent is sure to throw everything at him.

Connecticut: Linda McMahon (R) vs. Chris Murphy (D)

In Connecticut, Linda McMahon is fighting Chris Murphy for Lieberman’s seat.  In the latest polls, McMahon is trailing by just a few points.  The latest had her trailing by six points but her campaign spokesman disputed its results due to oversampling Democrats.

Florida: Connie Mack (R) vs. Bill Nelson (D)

This would be an important pickup.  Bill Nelson is the incumbent and according to the latest Rasmussen poll, Mack is trailing by three points.  Other polls which are oversampling Democrats seem to show higher margins.  Nevertheless, a strong showing for the presidential election with the proper turnout is very promising and Mack’s chances of taking this are very real.

Indiana: Richard Mourdock (R) vs. Joe Donnelly (D)

With the early support of the Tea Party, Mourdock defeated a longtime incumbent, Dick Lugar.  Recent polls had reflected the Democrat in this race ahead by double-digits.  However, a more reasonably sampled poll conducted by Rasmussen has the race within three points.  Considering most polls have Romney ahead of Obama by about 10 points in Indiana, it’s hard not to believe Mourdock won’t pull this off.

Maine: Angus King (I), Charlie Summers (R), Cynthia Dill (D)

Though we are losing a technical “R” with the retiring Olympia Snowe, this one really is not going to make much of a difference for the people.  Angus King, the Independent is ahead by double digits with the Republican in second and the Democrat coming in last.  The Independent will likely caucus with the Democrats judging by his stances on issues like campaign finance reform and health care reform – even though he admits, parts of Obamacare are “not perfect.”

Maryland: Daniel Bongino (R) vs. Ben Cardin (D)

Daniel Bongino is another Tea Party favorite and is undeniably drawing in some amazing energy.  The combination of money and power for a sitting Democrat incumbent with oversampling of Democrats vs. Republicans in projection polls, many polls have Cardin ahead by double digits.  Also, the Independent in the race is pulling a massive amount of votes away.  But again, it all relies on turnout.  The energy is there for Bongino.  Consider seeing if there is anything you can do from your computer or phone for the campaign.  With a strong independent in the race, we very well could be positioned to help Mr. Bongino pull an upset win in Maryland.

Massachusetts: Scott Brown (R) vs. Elizabeth Warren (D)

Despite her illuminating speech at the DNC and her apparent spite for the successful American, Elizabeth Warren’s radical ideology has failed to deliver the energy needed to hold a substantial lead over Scott Brown.  The most recent PPP poll shows Warren ahead of Brown by six points but again, the sampling is called into question.  Real Clear Politics has her average lead shrunken down to a mere 4 points.

Michigan: Pete Hoekstra (R) vs. Debbie Stabenow (D)

Similar to Cardin in Maryland, Stabenow is a powerful Democrat incumbent with a lot of money and power.  Most polls show her ahead of Hoekstra by double digits.  However a glimmer of hope is revealed in a recent poll which has the largest sample size of about 1,900 voters.  It shows Hoekstra shrinking Stabenow’s lead to six points.  Therefore, with proper enthusiasm and voter turnout, an upset is not impossible.

Missouri: Todd Akin (R) vs. Claire McCaskill (D)

McCaskill is Obama in a dress, no doubt.  Missourians are poised to deliver Obama a stunning defeat, yet, polls leading up to last week suggest that Todd Akin is still being haunted by some of his earlier comments last month.  As a friend said, Democrats have been reduced to politicizing the tragedy of rape just a little too much to hide the failures of liberalism.  We do have some last minute hope for Akin, however.  Suddenly, voters are beginning to realize that Akin’s been in the House for many years and would be a much better fit for Missouri and America when you put Claire McCaskill’s record to the test.  McCaskill’s energy is fading fast and the momentum seems to side with Akin as even the New York Times reflects a recent poll showing Akin closing McCaskill’s advantage to two points.

Montana: Denny Rehburg (R) vs. Jon Tester (D)

This one hasn’t gotten much coverage but is exciting.  Tester is the Democrat incumbent and Rehburg is giving him a challenge.  The Real Clear Politics average has the Republican challenger ahead by 0.4% which makes it too close to call.  It is hopeful though and with Republican energy up, a big possibility in counting this one as a pickup.

Nebraska: Deb Fischer (R) vs. Bob Kerry (D)

As Governor Palin pointed out (to the dismay of many liberals), Harry Reid and many outside influences are moving in to bombard Deb Fischer with outside money and influence.  Even though the Tea Party continues to flex its muscle with Fischer and she continues to hold a decent lead with the Real Clear Politics average, we should take nothing for granted in these final hours.

North Dakota: Rick Berg (R) vs. Heidi Heitkamp (D)

This is another important state where the Democrat incumbent is retiring.  The Real Clear Politics average has the Republican ahead by an average of 5.7 points.  What sticks out most about this race was Heidi Heitkamp’s positive message on Governor Palin.  She used it to connect to North Dakota’s grassroots on the issue of energy.  This makes Heitkamp an actual moderate Democrat on some issues but unfortunately supports a lot of Obamacare (though admitting some of it needed fixing).  Thankfully, this one looks to be in the Republican pickup column.

Ohio: Josh Mandel (R) vs. Sherrod Brown (D)

It’s certainly been an uphill battle for Josh Mandel.  Sherrod Brown is another powerful incumbent Democrat and though many polls had Brown leading by a large margin, the latest Rasmussen offers some hope showing both men at a tie.  Couple Mandel’s success at closing the gap in these final days with the growing Republican enthusiasm promising a healthy turnout, Mandel may be able to pull this off.

Pennsylvania: Tom Smith (R) vs. Bob Casey (D)

Another high-energy battleground state with another powerful Democrat incumbent is what we find in Pennsylvania.  However; the last minute and unexpected momentum shift in the Keystone state is poised to make Pennsylvania the talk of the night Tuesday if conservatives are successful at generating turnout.  Casey is ahead of Hill by an average of 5 points but if Hill happens to benefit from some of the energy Pennsylvania is enjoying with the national exposure and attention it is getting, it could make it a much closer final result.

Texas: Ted Cruz (R) vs. Paul Sadler (D)

This is our golden prize, perhaps the biggest victory for the Tea Party and Governor Palin who worked so hard to put Ted Cruz over the top in defeating the establishment-backed David Dewhurst in the primary.  Cruz has excited and energized Texans and grassroots Americans and we are thrilled to see him get to work in the U.S. Senate as a voice of the people.  Polls have Cruz comfortably ahead by double digits with continuing enthusiasm in his favor.

Utah: Orrin Hatch (R) vs. Scott Howell (D)

With Governor Palin’s endorsement, Mr. Hatch was put that much closer to securing the primary win in Utah.  Now, he enjoys a 30+ point lead in the polls heading into Tuesday.

Virginia: George Allen (R) vs. Tim Kaine (D)

With a retiring Democrat in Virginia, this leaves another open seat.  The polls are very sporadic lately flip-flopping for both candidates.  It’s a dead heat.  However; once again, the question is momentum and turnout.  If the voters turn out to fire Obama and they vote down the ticket, George Allen should be set to benefit.

Wisconsin: Tommy Thompson (R) vs. Tammy Baldwin (D)

Most of the latest polls give the race to Tammy Baldwin by a few percentage points.  But most of these are released with the accompanying presidential polls for the state as well which once again tends to oversample Democrats.  Rasmussen’s latest poll puts the two at a tie.  Again, it’s all about turnout.

As you can see, there are many seats which depend on momentum.  The GOP is poised to take back the Senate so long as the turnout succeeds.

As we can also see with Ted Cruz, Orrin Hatch, Deb Fischer, and Jeff Flake, Governor Palin has had a massive impact on the potential re-shaping of the all-too-important United States Senate.

You can also check out the good people at AGU who have compiled an amazing list as well along with resources and valuable information.

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