Video: Obama’s SBA chief hasn’t heard of Obamacare affecting small business

I’ve always considered the Small Business Administration to be another useless government bureaucracy that accomplishes nothing other than the wasting of taxpayer money on political cronies. But you’d think the leader of this entity would at least have some contact with the people her bureaucracy allegedly supports. You’d be wrong.

Even Slow Joe Scarborough isn’t buying what she’s selling.  The most stunningly stupid thing she says is at the end. She claims that she hears the following from small business owners:

The day that I get to provide health care to my workers, that was the day I called my business a success.

Riiiiiight. According to Karen Mills, Obama’s head of the Small Business Administration, small businesses owners are telling her “all the time” that the metric by which they judge their business a success is whether or not they provide health care to whatever employees they may have. So all those small business owners who put in 16-18 hour days seven days per week just to get their business off the ground are doing so in the hopes that someday they’ll be able to hire people and give them a health insurance policy. I know some people who own businesses, and none of them think that way.  All of them are doing whatever they can to avoid the massive Obamacare taxes headed their way.

I understand that Mills is a political appointee and part of her job is to peddle the Administration line that Obamacare is this wonderful gift that Obama has graciously bestowed on America from on high, but this woman is supposed to be an advocate for small business. Where does Obama find these people? As businesses across the country slash employee’s hours to below 30, Mill’s idiotic pronouncement earns her C4P’s prestigious Thanksgiving Day Chip Diller award.

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