2013 C4P Predictions Contest

The person who gets the most right will be the winner of the prestigious annual C4P predictions contest. It is so prestigious that the winner’s “prize” is being able to tell your friends and family about how you won.

1) Will Governor Palin endorse the Republican nominee for Governor in New Jersey?

2) Will Governor Palin make a campaign appearance for a candidate in 2013?

3) Will Governor Palin give a speech overseas in 2013?

4) Will Governor Palin speak at CPAC or the Values Voters Summit in 2013?

5) Will Governor Palin be formally affiliated with Fox News at the end of 2013?

6) Will Governor Palin announce a run for Senate, Congress, Presidency, or a Governor’s seat by the end of 2013?

7) Will Governor Palin release a political book by the end of 2013?

8) Will Todd Palin finish in the top 3 of this year’s IronDog race?

9) Will Nikki Haley name Tim Scott as the next Senator from South Carolina?

10) Will Susan Rice be the next Secretary of State for the United States?

11) Will Paula Broadwell give a formal television interview?

12) Who will win the BCS championship between Notre Dame and Alabama?

13) Who will win the 2013 Super Bowl?

14) Will Tim Tebow make a start as a NFL QB by the end of the 2013?

15) Wildcard: How much will SarahPAC raise in the first half of 2013?

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