@AGUGrizzlies: Happy #Hanukkah (Khanukkah Same’akh) To Our #Jewish Friends

America’s Judeo-Christian foundation has many traditions that inspire hope, courage, endurance, and freedom. The lighting of the Hanukkah Menorah is a custom that provides an opportunity for Americans to remember the many blessings and inspirations we still have in our country.

This custom also inspirited and motivated General George Washington to boldly forge ahead during a dark hour in the birth of our Republic.

While the Continental Army was facing a cold and foodless winter at Valley Forge, General Washington was roaming about his troops trying to encourage them to keep fighting and not give up.

He saw one of his soldiers who was seperated from the others. The soldier was crouched down over two little flares of light. General Washington moved closer to the soldier and saw that the soldier had lit two small candles. When the General asked him why he was doing this the soldier told him that he was Jewish and that the candles were to celebrate Hanukkah.

The soldier explained to General Washington the unbelievable and inconceivable triumph of the Jewish people over a cruel dictatorship many centuries ago. The cruel dictatorship was denying and restraining the freedom of the Jewish people. The cruel dictatorship also had the upper hand over the Jewish people and was much stronger and better outfitted. However, the hand of God ultimately prevailed and the Jewish people were thankful for this miracle.

The soldier told General Washington he believed that just like the miraculous victory of the ancient Jews fighting for freedom, this army would also be ultimately victorious in their fight for freedom.

Miracles are possible. Americans must never forget this.

As our Republic once again faces a moment of darkness, the little flames of light and illumination on the Hanukkah Menorah can warm us all with divine enlightenment and revelation.

Let’s all be inspired by these little flames. Miracles are possible.

Happy Hanukkah from American Grizzlies United.

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