@AGUGrizzlies: Jamie Radtke (@JamieRadtke) Shreds #GOPe In Op Ed

Many people know Jamie Radtke from her cameo appearance in Victory Film Groups The Undefeated. But Ms. Radtke is also known for taking a stand and fighting for common sense policies and fiscal sanity in her home state of Virginia.

Jamie Radtke fought a long and hard battle for the Virginia senate seat in last years GOP primary. Ms. Radtke knows first hand about the challenges a citizen candidate will face when she or he takes a stand against the #GOPe machine.

The current GOP establishment now encourages its members to basically surrender to Obama and his socialists Democrats for the sake of appearance and perception. Civility for the sake of civility, compromise for the sake of compromise, and bipartisan for the sake of bipartisan is the recipe of the #GOPe status quo.

In the current fiscal cliff debate, the Boehner run House GOP may have the numbers but they certainly don’t have the principles. This is a running theme in the #GOPe now.

The many activists who worked so hard to give the GOP victory in 2010 are now watching in horror as the party seems to have no spine, no fight, and no brawl for real solutions when dealing with Obama’s failed socialist policies.

Today Jamie Radtke took to the pages of the Richmond Times Dispatch to express her experience, her ideas, and her significant message on dealing with the nature of the beast in DC.

Radtke: GOP: the party that stands for nothing: CLICK HERE

While we are forced to live with the go along to get along politics of the #GOPe, we are very lucky to have fearless leaders like Jamie Radtke willing to take a stand for a return to common sense solutions.

American Grizzlies United believes that the Republican Party is on the brink of a historic reawakening that will lead our country to a better America for all citizens.

Jamie Radtke will be an important voice in the renewal, rebirth, and restoration of American greatness. Please take a moment to read Jamie’s Op-ed: HERE

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