As Fiscal Cliff Looms, Obama Increases Government Pay

As millions of Americans and small business owners rush to meet with their accountants before the year ends with worries of the fiscal cliff fiasco, the Huffingon Post reports that President Obama on Thursday signed an executive order which calls to end the pay freeze for Congress and Vice-President Biden.

All we’ve heard about from Capitol Hill recently are the back-and-forth pot shots (and rejected offers) between Boehner and Obama.  But it looks like both Biden and Boehner will be getting a raise on March 27, 2013.

Biden’s pay will increase to $231,900 and Boehner’s will increase to $224,500.

Of course, nobody stops to mention that Americans who are losing everyday are paying for this.  People who don’t know how they’re going to pay for their kids to go to school, people who are barely making ends meet to put food on the table or to keep their homes as they are underwater.  Nevertheless, they will pay more for politicians who accomplish nothing but more debt for our future.

Now, because Boehner has been ineffective in reaching the grassroots and rallying the silent majority for real spending cuts, no deal has been reached with an out-of-touch President.  Everyone’s taxes across the board will go up on 01/01/2013.

We have a government that is corrupt on both sides of the aisle.  One that has been guided by greed and motivated by power.  A government that must be handled as we all collectively move forward in 2013 by working together to make sure that all roadblocks put up to stop us can be circumvented. 

We deserve a government that is on our side and a government that treats us as the adults we are. 

Here’s hoping that Ted Cruz, Deb Fischer, Jeff Flake, and Tim Scott get to the Senate and serves as that first step to better representation.

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